Fieldpiece Adds Confidence and Accuracy ~ Marc S. Lancaster, PA

Fieldpiece tools have been great to me. My collection of your tools is continually growing. Quality, reliability, and accuracy is key in HVAC installation. Fieldpiece has represented the fundamentals to providing tools that compliment my pride and thoroughness in every job I set eyes on. I go to my job site with more confidence and that goes a long way.  SMAN460 digital gauges have been my introduction to the world of  digital gauges. I still love and use my analogs but, wow setting my superheat and subcooling has never been more efficient. Anything to increase productivity is a bonus.  They are easy to read, connect to my iPad, and are very rugged. Couldn’t ask for more! I’ve used them daily for the past year and a half and haven’t even thought about changing the batteries yet. That goes along way and using these gauges has cleared up any concerns about the digital world. Judging by some of your other tools I own I can tell that the same quality and thoughtfulness goes into each tool. Fieldpiece makes a solid tool and continues to evolve to stay ahead of the game for an ever so evolving trade. Thank you Fieldpiece for adding confidence and accuracy to all my jobs!


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