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Fieldpiece University

Fieldpiece University

Enhance your HVACR skills

At Fieldpiece Instruments, we create innovations that make life easier for HVACR technicians in the field. Developing and launching Fieldpiece University is our natural next step for boosting HVACR technician skills. This unique, interactive learning tool can help your whole team know more about our products, their benefits to customers, and tips for using them in the field. Whether you’re a distributor who wants to communicate smarter with customers about our products, or an HVACR professional who’s looking to get the most from our tools, Fieldpiece University is for you. Let us help you increase your HVACR product learning skills today.

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Fieldpiece University Virtual Training Modules


Explore courses on the features and benefits of Fieldpiece tools and help your customers select the right tools for the job.


Maximize your skills with application-specific, in-depth training modules.

Teaming up with an industry leader.

Fieldpiece partnered with BlueVolt to implement their unique Learning Management System tools, used by more than 5,000 companies, to get professionals like you ahead of the curve. Each month, new courses will be uploaded with an aim to cover the entire Fieldpiece portfolio.

Interactive and fun.

Each segment of our training is delivered in an online, interactive setting that works on desktop computers and mobile devices. You won’t spend all of your training watching YouTube videos. Fieldpiece University lets you learn at your own pace and after each segment of training, you’ll be quizzed on what you learned – ensuring that you’re building skills.

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