11,852,143 Vacuum Pump with an oil management system
15/235,021 Pipe Clamp Thermocouple (Pending)
15/882,596 Tool Bag (Pending)
15/883,559 Refrigerant Recovery System (Pending)
16/048,064 Vacuum Pump (Pending)
16/158,840 Wireless HVAC-R Sensor Probes and System (Pending)
29/669,393 Tool Bag (Pending)
29/672,716 Tool Bag (Pending)
29/683,676 Digital Manifold (Pending)
11,788,986 Combustion Analyzer
D636285 Electronic Swivel Clamp
D655723 Electronic Refrigerant Manifold
D669138 Wired Refrigerant Scale Controller
D699137 Wired Refrigerant Scale
D700077 Pocket Folding Thermometer
D700078 Pocket Folding Thermometer
D703557 Wireless Refrigerant Scale Platform
D706151 Wireless Refrigerant Scale Controller
D726048 Small Clamp Meter
D726049 Medium Clamp Meter
D726050 Swivel Clamp Meter
D771057 Dongle