New Valve Core Removal Tools

Know You’ve Got It!

We designed three valve core removal tools to help techs recover, evacuate, and charge systems faster and with confidence, every time. Learn more about the features redefining the category, including a sight glass that lets you verify the valve core is captured before removing it from the tool – saving time and frustration.

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About Fieldpiece

From the humble beginnings in the founder’s garage in 1990, to the international powerhouse Fieldpiece is today, the mission at Fieldpiece has remained the same. To provide instruments that HVACR professionals can trust to help them do more. Every day.

We do that by constantly listening to the pros in the field, and then creating tools that solve their problems. More than 25% off the Fieldpiece crew are dedicated to engineering and product development, and more than half of the staff are certified HVACR technicians. We ride along with, and help train HVACR professionals all over the country, and now, all over the world.

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