Our story started in a garage.

Here to help the field.

“If we can’t make it better for the technician in the field, then we don’t do it.”

At Fieldpiece, we didn’t start with the goal of leading an industry. Actually, we started with the idea that every HVACR professional in the field needs the best tools possible. It’s a simple premise, and one that we’ve held tightly to as we’ve grown into a best-in-class innovator of industry-leading tools for HVACR pros over the last 30+ years.

In each member of the Fieldpiece team, you’ll find an inquisitive explorer always looking for a better way to do things. In fact, we got our start when founder, Rey Harju, had a vision for a stick meter with detachable heads that technicians could swap out to take different readings. There was nothing like it on the market, but when the idea came to Rey while driving home from work one day, he knew techs in the field needed this single versatile, flexible and expandable tool that could run multiple diagnostic tests.

So, Rey set out to create this tool. And in 1990, after three years of testing, development and refinement in his garage, the HS24 stick meter was born. Since then, Fieldpiece has continued to develop game-changing technology like the SMAN® Digital Manifold that forever altered the way technicians work, our wireless Job Link® System probes that make testing easier, and a host of meters and detectors that continue to define the industry.

How do we know what techs in the field need? Because we’re out there with them every day. There is no disconnect between the engineers in our building and the professionals in the field. When we develop a new feature or roll-out a new product, it’s because we know it will solve a problem they confront every day.

Over 30 Years in the Field

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As hard as we’ve worked to develop new products, we work just as hard to develop our people. Countless members of our team started working in our facility right out of high school and we encouraged their continued growth and development through college degrees in fields from physics to industrial engineering. We’re also focused on keeping our workplace forward-thinking by encouraging our people to read and grow on their own.

Today, after more than 30 years in the industry, we’ve accomplished many firsts. We also remain the only company dedicated exclusively to this unique market.

Fieldpiece leads in the way we think, how we work, how we treat our people, and how we remain laser-focused on creating products that empower HVACR professionals – today and tomorrow.