Fieldpiece Family

That’s quite a family photo

A full suite of products designed and built specifically for HVACR professionals.

  • Tools that reflect our 30+ years of leadership, excellence and innovation
  • Industry-defining digital manifolds full of the most in-demand features
  • Revolutionary Job Link® System connects products wirelessly across an entire job site
  • Probes and meters offer unmatched versatility, reliability and accuracy
  • Recovery machines that make life easier for technicians in the field
  • Vacuum pumps that boast our innovative RunQuick™ Oil Change System

Innovation after innovation after innovation

The Fieldpiece family of products has many things in common. They’re tough, versatile, innovative and can handle the demands of working in HVACR. That’s because of something else they all have in common – they were all designed with the idea that every HVACR professional in the field deserves the best tools possible.

For more than 30 years, we’ve turned this premise into the widest range of HVACR tools on the market. This family of tools is exactly what the professional needs. How’d we do it? It’s simple, actually. We listened to professionals in the field to determine exactly what they need and turned out products that solve the everyday problems they confront.

We’re proud of our family of products and even more proud of the family of engineers at Fieldpiece who designed, developed and tested them with YOU in mind.

Need to recover refrigerant lightning fast? Want to pull a complete vacuum with confidence? Dreaming about measuring pressures without all those cumbersome hoses? At Fieldpiece, we have you covered. Here, you’ll find exactly what you need for best-in-class service, repairs and maintenance.

Choose one of these Fieldpiece products. Or better yet, complete your set and show the world you are a true Master of the Trade—sporting nothing but the best on your truck and in your tool bag.

Air Flow and Temp/RH
  • Probes designed for professionals in the field
  • Built to work in tight spaces, deal with changing conditions and deliver the exact information needed
  • New innovations that help diagnose, repair and tune most combustion equipment
  • Tools designed for real-world applications with great features that streamline maintenance calls
Digital Manifolds
  • The two most advanced digital manifolds on the market
  • Packed with the features that technicians in the field need
  • Rugged, portable and versatile
  • Seamless integration with Job Link® System App
Electrical Meters
  • Stick, clamp and bench meters designed specifically for HVACR professionals
  • Versatile, rugged and accurate meters incorporate the features you need every day
Job Link® System
  • Works with all of our wireless tools and seamlessly incorporates their functions
  • Shows a real-time view of the HVACR system you’re testing
  • Offers helpful diagnostic tools to technicians
  • Generates reports and integrates with accounting software
Leak Detectors
  • Portable, powerful and rugged refrigerant leak detectors
  • Exceed industry standards for sensitivity
  • Rugged, versatile dual-port manometers
  • Measure gas pressure, static pressure and differential pressure
Recovery and Vacuum
  • Digital recovery machine offers new innovations and new features
  • Portable and versatile vacuum pumps offer 4-ports and our innovative RunQuick™ Oil Change System
  • Portable scales designed for the rigors of HVACR
  • Compact, tough and accurate