Customers’ Reactions is the Added Bonus ~ Dennis M. Haines City, FL

I like using the Fieldpiece Job Link app along with my JL3KH6, JL3KM2 and SC680 they are fast to setup and I know that the reading from them are accurate. I also have the VP85 vacuum pump and the SRS3 wireless scale. I use my SM480V when using the vacuum pump or charging the system and have a couple SRL8 leak detectors which have been great finding even the smallest leaks. The added bonus is how the customers react when I send them the report they realize that when the maintenance is done that I thoroughly checked over their system or found something to adjust to improve the efficiency and comfort of their home. When I am on a service call these tools have reduced the time I am on the call and not having the call backs since everything is documented when I am done.


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