Using the Job Link® System to Easily Measure Delta T

The Job Link® System offers some amazing and convenient tools for HVAC professionals. To help you make the most of these tools, we offer tons of free educational content on Fieldpiece University. This site is packed with resources to help you to advance your skills and utilize every awesome feature of our products.

One of the resources at Fieldpiece University is our breakdown of how the Fieldpiece SM380V SMAN Refrigerant Manifold 3-Port I Wireless works seamlessly with the Fieldpiece JL3RH Job Link® System Flex Psychrometer Probe® to make measuring the Delta T an easy process.

To measure the Delta T, start by attaching a couple JL3RH psychrometer probes to the system. One probe should be attached to the return side of the air handler and the other to the supply side. Be sure the psychrometer attached to the return is set to red and supply to blue.

Once they’re installed and turned on, connect them to the SM380V. To display Delta T on the manifold, press the “Air” button on the manifold and cycle to the “Dry Bulb” setting. On the screen, you’ll clearly see the return temperature and the supply temperature. The manifold automatically calculates the Delta T.

Along with calculating the Delta T, the manifold and probes provide the system’s target Delta T by automatically taking the air properties from the return wet and dry bulb and calculating what the Delta T should be given load conditions.

Ideally, measurements are taken at the air handler. However, if for some reason you are unable to take return and supply measurements there, the Job Link® System is adaptable. Because Job Link® System tools are wireless, they can be placed at return and supply vents inside a structure as well. Each probe magnetically attaches to an internal return or supply vent and still delivers all the measurements required to calculate Delta T or any other needed values.

Together, the SMAN and JL3RH wireless psychrometers relay their important information directly to the Job Link® System App—giving techs the ability to monitor measurements from anywhere on the job site and also quickly and easily generate Job Link® performance or maintenance PDF reports.

The flexibility of being fully wireless allows a tech to “be in multiple places at once” and work smarter, faster and more efficiently. Learn more at Fieldpiece University.






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