Fieldpiece HVAC hoses work your way, because we listened to you!

If you’ve ever wished your HVAC hoses lasted longer, wanted to build your own set, cart fewer spares in your truck, and ultimately spend less on hoses every year – then Fieldpiece hoses are for you! We spent weeks on the job with HVACR pros to understand the demands of this workhorse equipment and figure out how to improve charging and vacuum hoses to make techs’ jobs easier, faster and better. Partnering with our extensive team of beta-testers, we designed our new line of Fieldpiece hoses and accessories with the following performance and ease-of-use design improvements, all for you:


Premium Hoses with Four-layer Construction

 Refrigerant hoses take a beating, so we built them tougher. Our hoses have a four-layer construction designed specifically for ruggedness and A2L refrigerant compatibility. Although tough, the external layer provides a soft feel and solid grip even with wet or oily hands. The outermost layer holds up to UV exposure, scorching heat on roof tops, biting cold in refrigeration units, abrasion from dragging and even storage abuse in your truck. The premium quality, black rubber stands up to the harshest conditions and chemical exposure commonly faced on HVACR jobs.



For the second hose layer, we selected a polyester material with high flexibility that allows a tight bend radius for those hard-to-reach service ports and will easily coil, carry and store.  By choosing a specific thickness and density of a braided-fiber polyester, it also provides the strength and durability to meet 800 psi working pressure and 4000 psi burst pressure requirements.

To maximize flow rate, we ensured that the inner diameter of the third rubber layer is as large as possible in all hoses to create an open flow for gases, speeding up your charging, recovery, and evacuation times.

The fourth layer is how all Fieldpiece hoses are A2L compatible and ready for the transition to refrigerants with much lower global warming potential.  An inner veneer on the third rubber layer reduces the permeation of gases and lubricants to meet SAE specifications.  This fourth layer is applied in all charging and vacuum hoses to ensure compatibility with common CFC, HCFC, HFC and HFO refrigerants.


Unique Hose Color Tag System

Why go all black?  We wanted to offer a premium hose, while minimizing what you need to carry as spares. With our new color tag system, you can easily replace a single hose by removing the color tag and snapping it onto the black Fieldpiece replacement hose you need – open, ball valve or low loss. You are not bound to a particular color hose and fitting combination, or as limited by what stock your local supply house may carry. Furthermore, the premium black hose appearance won’t degrade over time from UV sunlight and oil exposure, unlike the traditional red, blue, and yellow hoses. Color tags are made of the same robust, glass-filled nylon proven for industrial HVACR use on other Fieldpiece tools.

The tag colors available today are red, yellow, and blue, but with the coming A2L refrigerants, we are working on more color combinations.  You also have the flexibility to configure and customize hoses for their specific use, such as adding additional tags to easily differentiate between 1/4 inch and 5/16 inch fitting hoses or hoses dedicated to particular refrigerants and lubricants. You can also create your own mix with tag halves, such as red/blue or red/yellow, to personalize your hoses so you can always identify your own!


Durable Fittings Designed for HVAC Techs

Technician safety and comfort is always at the forefront of design considerations for Fieldpiece, and hose fittings are no exception. The knurling depth, shape, and density provide a solid grip with dry, wet, or oily hands – so say goodbye to chewed up fingertips. Fitting diameters are minimized to maximize hand-access while still providing good torque for a robust seal under pressure.

Fieldpiece intentionally designed our ball valve fittings with a center pivot to reduce the chance of accidentally bumping the valve and releasing refrigerant – a safety hazard techs are all too familiar with. The center pivot also minimizes the total width of the hose and fitting when closed to allow easier access in tight spaces. Anti-blowback features are also built into our angled fittings to protect your hands from refrigerant exposure. Staying safe on the job is something you should always expect from your equipment.

We also looked at long-term durability and reliability of our fittings and added triple-ring crimps to the brass fittings on each end of the hose. This process is typically only used on premium and high-pressure hoses and we added it to all our fittings. Should a single crimp fail, the additional rings come into play to secure the seal, giving longer-life to your hoses.

Fieldpiece core depressors are also threaded to allow you to make depth adjustments with a simple twist, because we understand that not all service port Schrader valves are created equal.




Only Buy the Hoses you Need

 Fieldpiece’s charging hoses come in multiple 3-pack sets, with open, ball-valve, and low loss fittings, for both 1/4 inch and 5/16 inch mini-split port options. A 1/4 inch combo pack is also available with (1) ball valve and (2) low loss valves. But you asked, and we delivered – all hoses are also sold individually, so you can build the exact set you use the most and replace only what you need.

Fieldpiece is proud to offer hoses and fittings designed and tested in partnership with HVACR pros like you and manufactured to the highest standards. Fieldpiece hoses and accessories are the preferred hoses to complement Fieldpiece manifolds, pumps, and recovery tools. Visit the hoses and fittings product page to see all options and accessories and ask your local HVAC distributor about them today!

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