Your Guide to Selecting a Combustion Analyzer for a High-Performance Heating Season 

Before you commission or service a fuel-fired furnace this heating season, make sure your combustion analyzer is up to the challenge. Measuring heating system emissions, stack temperature, and draft pressure accurately and effectively are key requirements of combustion analysis and accomplishing these tasks quickly can be a game changer on a busy schedule. We’ve outlined some must-haves for your combustion analyzer so you can cruise through the winter. 


Go Rugged 

The Fieldpiece CAT85 Combustion Analyzer HC stands out from the competition for a few simple reasons. For starters, it’s tough and easy to use. After all, it’s from Fieldpiece. The analyzer has a strong magnet for hands-free operation and a rubberized casing for high durability. The large, high-contrast touchscreen is easy to see anywhere, including those dark crawlspaces.  


Stay Connected 

The CAT85 also seamlessly connects to the Job Link® System App and allows you to view trends, draft pressure and customer details at the swipe of a fingertip. Easily create a combustion analysis report as verification that all safety parameters are within compliance. Pairing with the Job Link® System App allows you to generate and send a report to your customer, and the CAT85 pairs to an optional Wireless Thermal Printer (CATPR) for a quick printout 


No More Water Traps 

The innovations on the CAT85 don’t stop there. The flue probe features the unique HydroCycle™ Pump that automatically separates and returns accumulated water to the flue prior to reaching the sensors. This means no time wasted monitoring and draining a water trap, and ultimately, time saved on every job you tackle throughout heating season.  


Extend Sensor Life  

Another patent-pending feature, SensorVault™ technology, is designed to extend sensor life by sealing off the sensors from the air when not in use. Backed by a 4-year warranty, the field-replaceable sensors maximize your uptime and minimize your cost of ownership.  Fieldpiece also offers an affordable and fast turnaround system calibration and preventive maintenance program when a certificate of calibration is required.  


Built-in, Dual-Port Manometer 

The CAT85 combustion analyzer also comes with a built-in, dual-port manometer so you have one less tool to carry. You can measure gas pressure and static pressure, allowing you to view the effects of any adjustments made to the heating system. 


Eliminate Guesswork  

While combustion analysis measurements and calculations should be compared to the heating appliance manufacturer’s recommendations to verify compliance and optimal performance, legwork is greatly simplified with the CAT85. Based on the system selected, reference ranges for temperature, O2, CO and CO air free provide visual cues to indicate whether the values are in (green) or out (yellow) of generally accepted ranges. So easy.  


Pick up a CAT85 Today 

We created this analyzer to help you provide exceptional service, ensure safety, and optimize the performance of heating systems for all your customers. If you want to work smarter and faster, add a Fieldpiece CAT85 Combustion Analyzer HC to your bag; it’s sure to be your go-to tool throughout heating season.  






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