One complete kit to make quick service calls even quicker

If you’re heading out for a service check and want to make sure it goes quickly, pick up the Fieldpiece JL3KH6 – Job Link® System Charge and Air Kit. This convenient kit comes with six powerful tools to give you a full system snapshot quickly and easily — helping you diagnose any problems right away.

First, there are two Fieldpiece JL3PR – Job Link® System Pressure Probes that are great for squeezing into tight spaces. They’re designed to quickly connect onto suction and liquid lines for instant pressure measurements, and they’re ideal for servicing critically charged systems since they connect directly to the service port. There’s no need for a hose so there’s little to no refrigerant loss.

Next up are two Fieldpiece JL3PC – Job Link® Premium Pipe Clamp Probes that are built with our patented  Rapid Rail® Sensor Technology. This innovation uses the electrically conductive pipe itself to complete the circuit and instantly measure the temperature inside the pipe — providing an accurate and stabilized reading in just a few seconds. They even perform on awkward or wet pipe configurations.

Lastly, there are two JL3RH – Job Link® System Flex Psychrometer Probes® that have long, flexible wands for taking easy measurements from any part of the system. Their convenient return and supply indicator switches make them simple to set up and help measure the dry bulb, wet bulb and dew point right away. Plus, their real time data readings make measuring Delta T a breeze.

All these tools working on their own would help any tech work smarter and faster. But, when you combine them as part of our Job Link® System, they work together to give you a birds-eye-view of the whole system. You’ll have instant access to their data from up to 1000’ away. The system also does the computations for you in real-time and helps diagnose any issues to make every service call even quicker.

Since we’re all about making life easier for HVACR techs, the JL3KH6 – Job Link® Charge and Air Kit also comes with a convenient padded case to keep your tools organized and protected on the go.

If you’re making service calls this season, make sure to pick up a Fieldpiece JL3KH6 and then get ready to schedule more appointments.

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