Benefits of the 4-Valve Manifold SM480v

As HVACR technology continues to advance, so should your HVACR tools. Fieldpiece is committed to bringing you the best tools to make your jobs easier, faster, and better. Our wireless 4-valve manifolds are no different. Learn more about the benefits of the SM480v.

Focused On Performance
The 4-valve manifold SM480v is the result of years of HVACR experience and feedback from HVACR technicians combined with state-of-the-art technology expertise. Simply put, it is the most advanced digital refrigerant manifold available today.

The SM480v easily helps HVACR professionals troubleshoot, evacuate, and charge systems faster. With 4 ports this manifold can handle any job. Thermocouple ports have been moved to the rear for added protection and a streamlined setup. The SM480v also has a built-in micron gauge. The extra-large LCD makes it easier for you to read measurements and live calculations.

In addition to all of the great technology features, the 4-valve SMAN480v is built to last ‒ heavy-duty casing, water resistance, hermetically sealed sight glass, impact resistant screen, strategically placed thermocouple ports, and reinforced hook.

Make performing your job even easier by adding the Job Link® System App. With a wireless range of up to 1000’, the SM480v gives you the flexibility to move around the job site and still see all the measurements you need on your mobile device.

The 4-valve manifold SM480v can also receive and display live wireless measurements from other Fieldpiece Job Link tools such as Job Link Pipe Clamps (JL3PC), Job Link Psychrometers (JL3RH), and SRS3 Refrigerant Scale. Talk about making your job more efficient!

Tightness Test
The 4-valve manifold SM480v also has many features that help as you check for leaks after installations or repairs. Fieldpiece knows how important it is to get things right. With the SM480v, you can know if a drop in pressure during the tightness test is due to a leak in the line set or simply a change in the ambient temperature. Additionally, you can view pressure differential over time and a timer tracks the duration of the test.

Log Data
One of the best features of this tool is how it can store data from your jobs. The 4-valve manifold SM480v can store up to nine different jobs and can log 168 continuous hours of work ‒ that is equal to seven days!

Here at Fieldpiece, we want to help make life for HVACR technicians easier. Visit fieldpiece.com to learn more about the 4-valve manifold SM480v and other HVACR tools we have to offer.

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