Wireless Vacuum Gauge MG44

Fieldpiece Instruments products deliver not only reliability but also efficiency, versatility, and durability. For efficiency, their Wireless Vacuum Gauge MG44 stands out as a leader among HVACR gauges. Fieldpiece designed the MG44 with a reversible angled coupler and smaller cylindrical shape for easy installation and use in tight spaces.

The Wireless Vacuum Gauge MG44 offers versatility. Technicians can use this HVACR gauge in three ways. The MG44 can stand alone, communicate via the Job Link® System App wirelessly up to 1000’, or connect to the SMAN® Manifold Screen. The Wireless Vacuum Gauge MG44 also offers the HVACR professional three choices for viewing vacuum progress: as a rate of change, as a bar graph, or as the real-time rate of change per minute.

Not only efficient and versatile, the Wireless Vacuum Gauge MG44 also has a weather-resistant case, making it durable and able to provide reliable readings under a wide range of conditions. Fieldpiece Instruments designs HVACR gauges delivering ease of use, versatility of operation, and rugged reliability. Get the best digital micron vacuum gauge from Fieldpiece today!

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