National HVAC Tech Day: Why HVAC Techs Deserve a Day All to Themselves

Every year, we hear about national observances – many with a goal of driving awareness to groups working toward eliminating diseases or funding charities, and others design to recognize hard-working tradesman.

The HVACR industry is recognized on National HVAC Tech Day! Observed annually every twenty-second day of June, National HVAC Tech Day recognizes the dedication and hard work industry professionals put in every day and on every job. From braving uncomfortable weather conditions and tight, dark crawl spaces to keeping up with the latest best practices ensuring jobs are always performed safely and accurately, HVACR techs are valuable to every community across the globe.

HVACR technicians are essential to our everyday functions. Their impact to their communities goes beyond repairing a broken air conditioning unit or servicing a heating furnace. In fact, they play an integral role in keeping our homes cool and comfortable when the hot summer sun is beaming through the windows; keeping families warm when outdoor temperatures dip below freezing; ensuring food is maintained at a required temperature so food resources don’t spoil prematurely; maintaining standards of comfort while working toward reducing environmental impacts; and the list goes on and on.

Thanks to the skillsets, training and knowledge HVACR techs acquire to stay ahead of the curve, people everywhere can take comfort in knowing their home temperature is set just to their liking and so much more. Plus, with so many innovative, cutting-edge HVACR tools being introduced to the market, HVACR techs work hard to stay up with the latest to ensure they can cater to customers more quickly and deliver work that is efficient and accurate.

This year, celebrating a technician can be done in many ways. Here are some quick ideas to say “thanks” to your service technician:

  • Give your tech a shout out on social media
  • Always be kind and thankful to your tech – maybe send them off to their next job with an ice-cold water (or a warm cup of coffee)
  • Gift them with an HVACR tool they’ll love
  • Change your filter as often as required

Happy National HVAC Tech Day to all of the masters of the trade!

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