When You Should Consider Replacing Your HVAC Vacuum Pump

Proper care and maintenance are significant in improving the structural integrity of your HVAC vacuum pump and extending their lifespan. However, there will be a time when even the best HVAC vacuum pump will need replacement, no matter how much care and maintenance you give it. Here are reasons to consider for when you should replace your vacuum pump.

Low or Inconsistent Vacuum
The most important indication for the proper function of a HVAC vacuum pump is its ability to reach its specified final pressure, or ultimate vacuum. A vacuum pump with low suction power will be unable to do its job correctly. If your vacuum pump has low suction power, try changing the oil. If after changing the oil, the pump is still unable to reach its ultimate vacuum, then that may be an indicator the vacuum pump needs to be replaced.

Overheating Vacuum Pump
An HVAC vacuum pump should not regularly overheat. If your vacuum pump overheats when operating or constantly shuts down because of overheating, you should consider replacing it. Replacing the vacuum pump will prevent heat-related damage and save you money on costly repairs.

Old Vacuum Pump
While HVAC vacuum pumps can be very durable, they will not last a lifetime if used regularly. An older HVAC vacuum pump is less efficient and more prone to damage. Additionally, there have been many advancements in technology and innovation that apply to HVAC vacuum pumps. Newer vacuum pumps offer even more reliability and speed. They are built to cut back evacuation time allowing you to get your work done more quickly. Depending on the age of your vacuum pump you may want to replace it.

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