What’s the Big Deal about Split Dual Port Manometers?

As systems get larger and more and more complex, HVACR field service technicians wind up wasting a lot of time and effort to diagnose a problem. We’ve all been there: On the jobsite, you need to check total external static pressure as well as gas pressures at different locations across a system. On commercial jobs in particular, components are often spread across an expansive facility. Plus, in the labyrinth of ducts and pipes, there are typically a few ideal locations where you know you’ll get the accurate measurements you need. You probably aren’t looking forward to snaking a tube across a room, around a bend and down a hall just to compare pressures across zones.

So, you reach into your toolkit and start getting some tools set up in the first of many locations that you’ll need to take readings; but first you’ll probably need to spend five minutes untangling the spaghetti mess of tubing from the last time you had to do this. To everyone in the field, tidy hose management is a goal, but not always a reality.

After you take your first reading, and probably a few others depending on the size of the system, you’ll need to make sure they’re right. To check and see, you’re probably trying to take readings off of awkwardly-placed meters, moving your tools, and taking more readings off of gauges you can barely see – all just to ensure the changes you made worked.

This isn’t the best use of your time or your customer’s money. So, stop! Fieldpiece’s manometers are split port and they’re also wireless. With the JL3KM2 Job Link® System Dual Port Manometer probe kit, your probes don’t need to be connected to each other to work. It makes it easy to set up manometer probes to get your filter pressure drop, coil drop and total external at the same time. There are no hoses to tangle with and you’re free to place your probes wherever you want for the best possible reading. Also, to read each tool, just use the Job Link® App on your mobile device.

You’ll be able to set up many different probes across the system and leave them in place as you run your tests. They’ll wirelessly relay real-time information back to the Job Link® App. Right away, you’ll have a bird’s-eye view of every level and pressure you need. The flexibility of probe placement also makes it much easier to sense duct leaks and air restrictions.

How far is the range? About 1,000 feet! That means these probes can transmit a signal from the top of a building down to the basement, or from way over on the other side of the factory back to the control room. Each probe has a strong magnet, so they’ll attach anywhere and will stay put throughout the test.

No matter where they’re hooked up, you’ll be able to use these innovative manometers to check for airflow restrictions and measure gas pressures. Then, when you’re making changes to the system, you’ll be able to see all of their values changed in real-time on the Job Link App.

Our new manometers are designed to work with as many as eight different probes. This is ideal if you’re measuring in a multi-point application. You can put a couple probes on the system on the roof, a few more on the ducts in the basement, and then you can keep track of everything from one place to quickly diagnose a problem or fine-tune a system. It’s time to end the run-around once and for all.

You’ll be able to work the way you want without scrambling all over hooking-up and disconnecting probes over and over. You’ll save time, money and get accurate real-time information so you can quickly assess the health of the entire system.

Sound interesting? Check out our JL3KM2 Job Link® System Dual Port Manometer today: https://www.fieldpiece.com/product/jl3km2-job-link-system-dual-port-manometer-probe-kit/.


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