What is a HVACR Manifold Gauge?

There are a lot of working parts in a HVACR system that needs to be checked out regularly for maintenance. An important tool that you will need is a HVACR manifold gauge.

A manifold gauge is used to check the pressure of refrigerants in HVACR systems. It is a necessary tool in order to diagnose if the system is correctly charged with refrigerant as well as to help service any issues. A HVACR manifold gauge can be used for many different functions such as checking pressure, adding refrigerant, and determining if there is a leak.

There are different types of manifold gauges and often a HVACR technician may have multiple sets depending on the type of jobs they have. There are 2-valve and 4-valve manifolds. The gauge can be either analog or digital. Many digital gauges now have Bluetooth built-in for connecting to smartphones.

When deciding on a manifold gauge to buy, it is important to ensure the manifold gauge is designed to withstand the rigors of field use including heavy duty casing, reinforced hook, water resistance, and impact resistant screen. Additional features such as data logging and strategically placed thermocouple ports are beneficial.

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