Top Three Reasons You’ll Love a 1000′ of Range With Wireless Tools

Wireless tools have always been a great invention due to the overall convenience of not needing to rely on plugging a tool in. However, in their early days, many still lacked the torque and long-lasting power of corded tools. Today, if you look around the job site, almost everyone is using a cordless tool. The technology for HVACR tools has made tremendous strides and the move to HVACR wireless tools is moving even faster.

Ever since manometers hit the industry “scene,” HVACR techs had been forced to snake long hoses between systems and walls. After all, if you want to get an airflow reading from directly above the coil, you need to make sure your device is in an exact, accurate location. If you don’t have enough hose, then you end up settling for a less-than-ideal location. Plus, if you’re able to reach the right location in the crawlspace, have fun pulling your tangled hoses all the way there. Plus, you need to stay next to the manometer to get a reading. So many hoses and messy hassles.

Much like the cordless revolution with power tools, the wireless revolution is here for HVACR diagnostic tools. Here are three reasons to love working with wireless tools on the job site.

1. Freedom from long hoses. When you’re using a wireless dual port manometer, there is no need to drag long hoses that often lead to hazardous outcomes. Instead, place your devices exactly where you need them and move on. Because they run on batteries, readings are taken from anywhere on the jobsite as you work on the system.

2. Get exact measurements. We all know that getting a reading from the right place helps make your measurements more accurate and speeds up the process of diagnosing a system. One of the biggest benefits of wireless diagnostic tool technology is the ability to measure and monitor electrical, airflow and refrigerant performance at the same time. By using a wireless manometer, you aren’t limited by hose length. By drilling a hole in exactly the right place and inserting the probe, techs get the measurement needed. The wireless tool is the latest advancement to make life easier for the HVACR technician.

3. Take readings from 1000’ away. Working with wireless tools means there is no limit set by hoses or cords. Some of the newest wireless tools today have a range of up to 1000’ line of sight. That’s more than three football fields of range! From that far away, you have the ability to monitor a system and see right away what is affecting other readings. That’s a lot less time walking back and forth between the control panel to the manometer. Just think of the time that is saved from this advanced technology.

Moreover, when connected to apps like the Job Link® system app, wireless tools allow techs to be in multiple places at one time, with the freedom to work the way they want. They even make a single tech as efficient as two techs at diagnosing system performance!

All of these reasons and more make the newest wireless tools some of the best friends an HVACR tech can have in their toolbox.

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