This Spring and Summer, the Stakes for Cold Storage are Higher than Ever

As an industry, keeping things at proper temperatures is what we do best. We understand the importance of making sure that refrigerators and freezers in restaurants and grocery stores are leak-free and running at optimum efficiency. We also know how important cold storage is at hospitals, pharmacies and research labs.

Today, as the world battles COVID-19, supplies of some vaccines need to be stored at ultra-cold temperatures. To maintain these temperature levels, cold storage systems are working harder than ever. That is why keeping them maintained and knowing when they might be leaking is critical.

Even the smallest leak can have disastrous consequences. In todays’ world, a leak could lead to more than just lost refrigerant. It could lead to lost vaccines, and ultimately lost lives.

Now, as outdoor temperatures start to get warmer, freezers need to work even harder to maintain their ultra-cold temperatures. Especially in critically charged small systems, tiny leaks that went unnoticed in the winter could turn into big problems in the summer when refrigerant runs out and freezers can no longer keep up.

After all, refrigeration equipment can be poorly installed resulting in a high failure rate. Add the impacts of running hard during the hot summer months, and you have a perfect storm. That is why accurate system diagnosis is critical to a healthy, cost-efficient system. Pinhole leaks must be found, fittings must be tightened and every system’s integrity must be maintained.

Fieldpiece’s latest leak detectors boast a level of sensitivity that can find leaks <0.03 oz/yr. Yes, that is a tiny leak. They are sensitive enough to detect the slight changes in concentration that occur in the area around leaks, and trigger on CFC, HFC, HCFC and other common blends. They are also smart enough to not false trigger on moisture or oil. Plus, their flashing, lighted tip can squeeze into tight spaces.

If you are in the business of maintaining commercial freezers that hold precious vaccines, put a Fieldpiece DR82 Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector in your bag. You’ll do more than save refrigerant. You’ll help us battle COVID-19.

Check out the DR82 Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector right now.

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