Refrigeration Tools Every HVACR Technician Should Have

HVACR technicians install, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair heating and cooling systems in both residential and commercial buildings. Your success as an HVACR technician depends on your experience, knowledge, and having the right tools needed for handling any job. Discover some of the top refrigeration tools every HVACR technician should have.

Vacuum pump:  A vacuum pump helps HVACR technicians efficiently remove moisture and other non-condensables from refrigeration and heating units. Vacuum pumps are used to ensure that a refrigeration or air conditioning system is free from contaminants before recharging with refrigerants.

Refrigerant gauge:  Refrigerant gauges are tools used by HVACR technicians to measure refrigerant pressure and make calculations based on the readings received. Digital refrigerant gauges compared to analog ones are extremely helpful for more precise measurements.

Multimeter:  A multimeter is a voltage tester and is a critical safety tool when servicing electrical components of a system. The best multimeters are designed to include all of the tests you use every day – voltage, microamps, capacitance and temperature.

Leak Detector:  While there are multiple ways to identify refrigerant leaks, having an electronic leak detector is recommended as they are more accurate and detect leaks faster.

No matter the job you’re working on as an HVACR technician, having the right tools makes your work easier and more efficient. Visit fieldpiece.com today to find the ideal HVACR refrigeration tools you need.

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