Our New Job Link® System App Just Got Better

As technology continues to improve and innovate, we at Fieldpiece Instruments want to do the same. We have designed a wireless app that now allows HVACR technicians to work smarter, not harder. Using our updated Job Link® System App, technicians can remove another layer of human error from their services. This makes their work that much more reliable and will help them find more and more customers. We are very excited about this new wireless app and hope that more technicians start to use it. Continue reading to learn more about what the app does and how it will help you during your next service.  


This newly designed wireless app features a simpler and more seamless interface that improves the experience for the HVACR tech in the field. We rebuilt the app to work the way the pros do to help them view measurements, link multiple tools and track jobs and orders. Every part of the app’s user experience has been improved to link your tools, and now, your jobs. Here are some of the features included with Job Link: 


One-time connectivity 

The new app helps integrate all Job Link wireless tools seamlessly with just a few clicks. Now, tools are easier to connect to, easier to manage and offer an easier way to work. 


One place to look 

In the spirit of making the wireless app easier to use, we’ve collected all of the important data that techs need on a single screen. From this one view on their device, they’ll be able to see every measurement from each connected tool.  



The new Job Link System App also allows techs to search, sort and manage jobs by customer, job and location. This helps them collect, store and access customer data to work the way they want to. We also improved invoicing to create and send custom invoices more easily than ever — even from the job site. 


One pin per job 

Additionally, our new geolocation tagging feature lets techs virtually drop a geolocation pin on equipment that they serviced to add system details to each customer’s file. Whenever they’re back at that location, they can instantly access previous service calls, data and measurements without taking time to look up an old invoice or a client name. 


One app does it all 

Our new Job Link System App connects even more easily to tools, jobs, clients and even equipment. Every tech that has the Job Link System App in their pocket works better, faster and smarter. Of course, Fieldpiece would keep techs top-of-mind. 


One place to learn more 

If you’re interested in learning more about the features of the updated Job Link System App, visit the new Job Link System page. 

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