Four Ways to Stay Ahead of the HVACR Curve

Whether you’re just starting your career in HVACR, or you’re a seasoned veteran who’s seen it all, staying ahead of the learning curve is important. As emerging heating and cooling technologies hit the market, more advanced tools are developed to service new and existing tech. Also, ever-changing regulations play a critical role in how we work with refrigerants and within building codes. Staying ahead is key to being successful in this industry. Here are a few ways to ensure you are always at the top of your game.

1: Learn the software

Now more than ever, our industry is driven by its available technology. Calculations that used to require utilization of multiple devices and then doing math in a notebook are now done instantly by a few wireless tools and an app on our smartphones. Much like learning how to use a set of analog gauges, mastering these digital tools is essential to keep up with today’s era of HVACR.

The Job Link® App is a good example. It connects with devices hooked to a system for real-time diagnostics from up to 1000’ away, and calculates critical values instantly. Other apps like this can schedule jobs, dispatch workers, create customer invoices and save important customer information to be referenced instantly during future service calls. These apps continue to advance and make everyday tasks easier and faster for companies and their technicians, so understanding and fully utilizing them is of growing importance.

2: Pick up the latest tools

Beyond the standard analog classics, today’s HVACR techs are experiencing a shift in available technology. Wireless tools like psychrometers and pipe clamps are continuing to increase in popularity and modern vacuum pumps are now being built with features and capabilities not available in previous years. Tools like these that increase the speed of your job without sacrificing accuracy are tools that equal time saved, and additional earnings. Proper understanding of these advancements in industry technology can help a tech earn more and learn more on each job.

3: Hit the books — and the blogs

Keeping up with the latest news by reading industry-related publications is another way to stay on the cutting-edge of our industry. Frequently check sites like ESCO and NCI for articles on new technology, emerging industry trends, and the latest HVACR news as well as training resources. Many manufacturers also have blogs to help customers stay up to date with new product releases and new developments in heating and cooling—sharing information about how to maximize the tools they’ve designed. These sources of industry knowledge give an insider’s view into what’s happening and what’s coming.

4: Scour the Web

Last, yet another way to continue expanding your knowledge is to tap into some of the many online resources for HVACR technicians. If you’re looking for free resources, there are a number of podcasts and YouTube channels out there dedicated purely to the HVACR industry. Check out the Advanced Refrigeration Podcast,HVAC School on YouTube, and other online resources like the ACCA’s Official Site. Fieldpiece University is another place to find courses that are focused on educating technicians about new product developments and best practices, while at the same time earning NATE credits.

These are a few ways to stay ahead of the technology curve and make yourself a better HVACR tech and a better employee. So why not use them to your advantage? Be a master of your trade!

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