Fieldpiece Wireless Products All-Star Lineup

Fieldpiece Instruments knows how to assemble a winning team of online HVACR wireless tools. And like a good coach, the Job Link® System seamlessly integrates the functionality of these amazing products, delivering real-time readings to smart phones or tablets.

First on the field are the rugged SMAN Refrigerant Manifolds – SM380V and SM480V. These powerful HVACR wireless tools play well with the wireless scale, pipe clamps, and psychrometer. Next in the lineup, the Job Link® System Flex Psychrometer Probe boasts a generous 1000’ wireless range and delivers on-the-spot live readings. This flexible wand needs only a 3/8” hole for duct testing and handles extreme temperatures from -40ºF up to 250°F.

The Wireless Refrigerant Scale SR47 (replacing the SRS3), another dependable HVACR wireless tool, handles a capacity of 252 lbs., and the sealed electronics protect the SR47 from moisture. The Wireless Vacuum Gauge MG44 rounds out the starting lineup of HVACR wireless tools. With its smaller cylindrical shape, no-slip grip, reversible angled coupler, and water-resistant case, this tool delivers accurate readings from hard-to-reach areas. Fieldpiece Instruments brings the winning line-up to make the HVACR professional’s job easy and successful.

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