New VCRTs Help Technicians Recover Refrigerant Faster and with Confidence Every Time


ORANGE, CALIF. (January 22, 2024)Fieldpiece Instruments, the leading manufacturer of tool and test instruments that enhance the work of HVACR professionals, introduced three valve core removal tools (VCRTs) designed to improve system charging, recovery and evacuation tasks. VCRTs remove the valve core from service valves in air conditioning, heat pump, and refrigeration systems to replace defective cores and provide an unobstructed flow of refrigerant for faster servicing. The Fieldpiece VCRTs represent a significant leap forward in valve core removal technology, overcoming the limitations of existing tools.

One of the game-changing features within the Fieldpiece VCRT lineup includes an integrated sight glass that allows technicians to verify at a glance that the valve core is captured prior to removing it and confirm when refrigerant is flowing. Fieldpiece eliminated the frustration that techs face when it takes multiple tries, and lost refrigerant, before the valve core is captured with current competitive products. The Fieldpiece VCRT capture tip also includes an interior gasket that the valve core pin presses into to secure it for removal. No more fishing around for lost valve cores – a solid grip guarantees that the job is done right the first time, every time.

Another Fieldpiece exclusive feature is a comfort spinner, a free-spinning, rubberized cap that makes removing and inserting the valve core, while under pressure, easier and more comfortable. Like the sight glass, this comfort spinner is available on the VC1G and VC2G models. All three VCRT models, including the ultra-compact VC1, include a magnet in the cap to keep the removed valve core on hand during service.

All VCRT models are equipped with a 1/4” service port fitting that can be swapped in the field with an optional 5/16” service port fitting for mini-split systems, conveniently reducing the number of tools to carry. Replacement capture rod assemblies also streamline the maintenance process. Techs can say goodbye to deep-buried O-rings, as these simple replacement kits reduce downtime and expedite the repair process.

The premium VC2G tool features a dual ball valve design that protects attached vacuum gauges and pressure probes and adds versatility for connecting hose lines and isolating system service ports.

“Our VCRTs offer benefits that current VCRTs on the market do not have,” notes Jeb Ball, vice president of sales and marketing at Fieldpiece Instruments. “We collaborate with techs to understand the pain points and develop solutions that enhance their jobs. The VCRT line expands our arsenal of tools built for efficiency, versatility and durability, and underscores our commitment to innovations that allow technicians to work faster with more reliable results.”

The new line of A2L compatible VCRT’s is being showcased at AHR Expo, January 22-24, in Fieldpiece Booth #S9334. Wholesalers are purchasing inventory now and product will be available to techs in April. To learn more about the benefits of Fieldpiece VCRTs, visit https://www.fieldpiece.com/valve-core-removal-tools.

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