Fieldpiece Instruments Introduces the All-New Job Link® System App

Orange, Calif., Mar 29, 2022Fieldpiece Instruments, the leading manufacturer of professional-grade tools for HVACR pros by HVACR pros, announced the roll out of its all-new Job Link® System Application. Job Link initially hit the market in 2015, allowing technicians to “see inside” the HVACR system to make repairs with confidence. This system has been praised for helping technicians connect seamlessly to the Fieldpiece wireless tools with an impressive range of up to 1000 feet, view measurements with ease and even gather real-time system diagnostics across the entire jobsite. For those with an upgraded account, the system can provide professional customer reports or invoices and extend the manpower of their teams with the Live Look-In™ feature that allows techs to collaborate remotely, diagnose an issue accurately and reduce the need for call-backs. Redesigned from the ground up, the new and improved Job Link app features a simpler and more seamless user-interface designed to improve the HVACR tech experience and optimize existing features.

“The first release of Job Link was a huge success, but we feel that this was an opportunistic time to expand on this already innovative product with a variety of new features and capabilities to better meet the needs of users,” said Rachel Newport, director of marketing at Fieldpiece Instruments. “We’re especially excited to roll out a new geo-location tagging feature that will allow techs to have more detailed reports on customers to and enable them to pick up where they left off with ease to further maximize outcomes.”

The upgrade offers game-changing new functionalities as well that will allow users to streamline their in-field testing and office operations and in turn improve user experience significantly. Like the previous version, the new system works with all Fieldpiece wireless tools. Users can link all Job Link tools to integrate wireless tool functionalities to see every measurement and reading on a single screen.

Jobs can also be linked to allow users to search, sort and manage the entries by customer. These new capabilities will open up the technician’s bandwidth by eliminating the time spent searching through buried details and instead focus on devoting their efforts to testing and data collection and providing top-quality customer service. Additionally, the advanced new job management and invoicing features offer a robust work order management system and the geolocation tagging enables users to easily drop a pin on equipment and add a variety of system details to each customer’s file.

There are three subscription tiers available to choose from, depending on what is the most operationally feasible for your HVACR business. New users of Job Link can download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play and current users can make the switch seamless as all information stored in the old app will automatically transfer to the new platform upon logging in.

Download the app on Android or iOS. For more information, visit: http://www.fieldpiecejoblink.com.

ABOUT FIELDPIECE: Fieldpiece Instruments is an innovative technology company focused on helping industry professionals around the globe do their jobs easier, faster and better. It delivers on this promise through industry-leading devices with the broadest range of professional-grade tools and technology inspired by real-world application and field use. Fieldpiece is focused on serving the HVACR industry exclusively, enabling HVACR professionals to become Masters of the Trade. For more information, please visit www.fieldpiece.com, and be sure to follow Fieldpiece on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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