Fieldpiece: How We Started, Where We Are.

Fieldpiece began in 1990 when the vision of a stick meter with detachable heads became a reality. The stick meter, which was tested, developed and refined over a three-year period, broke new ground in the industry and established Fieldpiece as an innovator helping HVACR pros work easier, faster and better.

Fieldpiece has come a long way since then by continuing to keep innovation at the forefront of its business and staying true to its roots of prioritizing the needs of the HVACR pro in the field. Today, with more than 30 years of experience creating best-in-class industry-leading tools, Fieldpiece continues to break the mold by delivering only the best HVACR tools technicians know they can rely on every day and on any job site. In fact, Fieldpiece lives by the` motto: “If we can’t make it better for the technician in the field, then we don’t do it.”

Continuing this tradition of innovation, Fieldpiece has made life better for HVACR pros including the recent launches of its latest generation of HVACR tools. From The more recent launches include various tool categories such as: vacuum pumps (VPX7, VP87 and VP67); leak detectors (DR58 and DR82); a vacuum gauge (MG44). In the last few months two new additions have made their debut – combustion analyzers(CAT85 and CAT45) and a wireless refrigerant scale (SR47) – the innovation never stops.

Fieldpiece engineers work closely with professionals in the field, allowing the brand to keep a pulse on the challenges techs face day-in and day-out. As a brand truly for HVACR pros, by HVACR pros, Fieldpiece has the patents to prove its commitment to innovation:

  • Rapid Rail® Sensor Technology provides accurate temperature readings in mere seconds, enabling high productivity. Plus, temperature readings are not affected by ambient air.
  • RunQuick® Oil Change System allows techs to change the oil on a vacuum pump without turning off the pump or losing vacuum. In less than 20 seconds, a tech can swap out the old oil for new oil with no mess.
  • SensorVault™ technology featured in the latest combustion analyzers (CAT85 and CAT45) prolongs sensor life to at least four years, guaranteed.
  • And the HydroCycle™ pump, only featured in the CAT85, automatically separates and returns water to the flue, so it’s one less step for a technician.

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