Fieldpiece | Electrical Testing at Its Finest

Fieldpiece Instruments, the leader in HVACR tools, features clamp meters that make electrical testing safe, versatile, and accurate. UL-listed for safety, these clamp meters offer non-contact voltage testing and provide high voltage warning indicators. Built-in magnetic hangers and alligator clips let you take measurements “hands free,” and the single-test lead holder lets you test with one hand.

The Fieldpiece Instruments clamp meter gives accurate voltage and amperage readings on variable frequency drives and measures real-time consumption in kilowatt hours. This versatile clamp meter can accurately measure blower motor amperage draw with the door closed, and its Molex lead tips fit easily into small holes on mini-split circuit boards. Using the Job Link® System app, you can document the measurements for commissioning a system. The Fieldpiece Instruments family of clamp meters has what you need to get the job done.

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