Becoming a Master of the Trade: HVACR Technician Skills and Tips for Succeeding in HVACR

Developing and mastering HVACR technician skills can be exceptionally fulfilling and rewarding. As an HVACR tech, you must possess many talents – a problem-solver with in-depth knowledge of HVACR systems and instruments; a professional with excellent communication and time management skills; and a life-long learner with a commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and evolving technologies.

All of these qualities are what make a person pursuing an HVACR career a true master of the trade. What’s more, HVACR technician skills are beneficial not only to that individual but to the communities and people they provide their services to. It really is a helping profession that serves so many.

Establishing mastery can be a journey though. So as you get started, here are some valuable suggestions to keep in mind and practice.  

In the HVACR industry, methods, technologies, and tools are constantly changing and improving.  

Have you heard of the “beer can cold” method? What was once considered standard practice is now outdated, and techs in the field have changed to keep up with the times. Today, rather than comparing a suction line to a cold can of beer by feel to see if there is enough refrigerant in a system, techs can rely on precision-engineered HVACR tools to get the job done right. 

The commitment to the ongoing enhancement of one’s knowledge doesn’t just stop at learning new skills. HVACR pros also need to stay on top of new tools and technologies that support working smarter, faster, and more efficiently. The industry is always evolving, and as experts, it is a tech’s duty to stay ahead of the curve for ultimate success. 

Enhance Your HVACR Technician Skills Any Time, Anywhere. 

A key to staying ahead of the curve is to remain in-the-know with the latest best practices, many of which you can learn on your own terms. 

Are you looking to kill time while pulling a vacuum on a system? Take an online course! Are you a hands-on learner that prefers face-to-face instruction? Not a problem. There are in-person trainings near you!     

No matter what your learning style is or what you are looking to learn more about, taking courses to enhance your knowledge and skillset is never a bad decision. 

Use Tools that Help You Work Smarter. 

With so many HVACR tools on the market, it’s easy to want to get your hands on all of them especially if they are inexpensive. However, do keep in mind that the products you purchase should enable you to work faster, better and smarter. Investing in your tools is an investment in yourself. You want tools that can help you get readings that are accurate the first time around, ensuring your work is done right without a need to come back to a service call.  

You want tools that will stand the test of time – including long drops and wet conditions. Your HVACR tools need to be able to withstand the harsh conditions techs typically face – rain or shine! Quality tools should give you confidence on the job, knowing you’ll get the job done right – regardless of the job you are performing. 

No matter where you are as an HVACR tech, becoming a master of the trade takes a good amount of skillset, knowledge, and power. Visit fieldpiece.com/hvacrstudentresources today to learn more.  

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