5 Things to Know Before Buying a Refrigerant Weight Scale

A refrigerant weight scale is an essential piece of equipment for an HVAC technician to have. A refrigerant weight scale is specifically meant to help install and maintain air conditioning units, measuring the weight of refrigerants when they are removed from an air conditioning unit’s compressor.

There are a few things that you should consider before you buy a refrigerant weight scale. Let’s look into a few of them below.

What is the Maximum Weight Capacity?
One of the main things that you need to know before purchasing a refrigerant weight scale is the scale’s weight capacity. You also need to understand the type of systems you will service and what is needed to get the job done. For most residential and light commercial jobs, a refrigerant weight scale that offers 115lbs would be sufficient. However, for larger commercial jobs a higher weight range will be needed.

What is the Resolution?
The resolution of a refrigerant weight scale is the smallest change or increment that can be measured. You will want to understand the accuracy needed for the jobs you perform. You can find scales with a resolution as small as 2g while many have a resolution of 5g to 10g.

What Is the Size and Weight of the Scale?
Because refrigerant weight scales need to be transported between sites, the size and weight of the scale can make a big difference in the overall ease of doing your job. Look for something that is compact and easy to transport. Be sure to consider what you have to weigh. If you have to weigh larger tanks, having a scale with a larger base and non-slip surface would be beneficial. Also, don’t be fooled. Just because a refrigerant weight scale is large doesn’t mean that it has the weight limit you’ll need.

What is the Construction Quality?
As is the case with most products, a refrigerant weight scale should be sturdy, durable, and rugged. While some scales are well-constructed, other scales may not be up to the standards that you need for the rigors of your daily routine. Water resistant, rubber feet and rubber padding are a few attributes to consider looking for when choosing a refrigerant weight scale.

How Easy is the Scale to Use?
Overall using a refrigerant weight scale is not difficult but there are things to consider for ease of use. Are the controls wireless? Does the scale run on batteries and if so, what is the battery life? Are platform measurements sent to both the remote display and a mobile app? Can you view units how you want? (pounds and ounces, pounds only, ounces only, kilograms and grams, kilograms only, or grams only).

Before you buy a refrigerant weight scale, make sure you ask yourself the five things listed above. They’ll help you find the right one you need.

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