Know You’ve Got It with New Valve Core Removal Tools

During peak cooling season, removing a valve core on the job is as common and necessary as finding shade. Removing the core opens the valve completely, eliminating flow restrictions for faster recovery, evacuation, and charging. To simplify your job, Fieldpiece has introduced a new lineup of three valve core removal tools (VCRTs) that eliminates the trial-and-error process (and frustration) often faced with other tools.

Locked In
With a press-fit gasket design, the tip of the capture rod locks in the valve core the first time, every time. No adjustments necessary. With the valve core reliably secured, it won’t fall off within the tool or get lost once it’s removed. All models of Fieldpiece VCRTs have a magnetic cap on the capture rod to safely store the locked-in core on the system housing, keeping it clean and handy. PRO TIP: best practice is to always replace the removed valve core with a new one.

Seeing is Believing
Almost every technician has played the “Did I Get It?” game when removing the valve core. With no way to confirm that the core has been successfully captured before removal, you are left to remove the rod and check, releasing some refrigerant with each attempt. Also, if the core has fallen off within the tool, a quick (and dangerous) opening of the valve on a charged system can eject the core at high speed. Did we mention the frustration that sets in after multiple failed attempts to remove the core? To eliminate this annoyance, the Fieldpiece VCG1 and VCG2 feature an integrated sight glass. You can clearly see the end of the rod through the sight glass and confirm the valve core is attached before extracting it – sanity intact. The sight glass can also be used to verify that refrigerant is flowing.

Two’s Company
The VCG2 model also includes a second ball valve on the side port. This convenient addition allows you to easily isolate and protect a connected vacuum gauge from refrigerant contamination. Since the second ball valve is integrated into the VCRT, you no longer need to add a fitting to gain an isolation valve, which increases bulk and introduces a new potential leak point.

Made to Fit your System
All three of the new Fieldpiece VCRTs come standard with a 1/4” service port fitting that may be swapped with an optional 5/16” fitting on the jobsite. You no longer need to purchase and haul additional VCRTs to accommodate different system ports, simply keep the swappable fitting in your toolkit. Fieldpiece VCRTs are the right tool, every time.

Thumbs up!
Inserting a core when a system is pressurized can be awkward, except when you have a comfort spinner! The VC1G and VC2G tools feature a rubber-coated, free-spinning cap that lets you use your thumb to hold the capture rod in place, against pressure and easily thread the core with your other hand. Another tech-friendly feature from Fieldpiece.

It’s a Fieldpiece
The VCRT lineup is another addition to our arsenal of rugged tools designed to make life easier for technicians everywhere. We stay committed to innovating in the HVACR industry and providing tools and instruments that survive the test of time while making jobs easier, faster and better. Learn more about the new VCRT and more at fieldpiece.com.

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