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Fieldpiece Instruments Introduces the Largest Pipe Clamps on the Market

Orange, Calif., October 13, 2020 – Fieldpiece Instruments, HVACR tools and test instruments specialist, announces the launch of the largest jaw pipe clamps for the HVACR industry, the wired TC48 and the wireless system JL3LC. With an unprecedented 4 1/8” jaw opening the new pipe clamps are perfect for commercial and refrigeration field service professionals and also serve the residential market.  The clamps, sporting a ¾” to 4 1/8” range, can be used on a wide variety of pipe sizes, especially in large commercial and refrigeration applications.

The new pipe clamps incorporate Fieldpiece-patented Rapid RailTM Sensor Technology making the response time to get an accurate temperature reading merely seconds, thereby enabling the HVACR pro to be more productive.  With this proprietary technology, temperature readings are not affected by ambient air as the thermocouple is thermally isolated and the clamps will perform immediate reaction to changes in system adjustments as the technician is working. This can greatly facilitate taking a superheat and/or subcooling measurement on most commercial refrigeration appliances or commercial/residential air conditioners.

“It may not seem like a big problem, but field service professionals have a tough time getting good readings on larger pipes. Fieldpiece offers these two new solutions to that problem with our large 4 1/8” jaw-opening clamps,” said Tony Gonzalez, Fieldpiece Technical TrainingManager. “Other pipe temperature tools on the market use straps or tape to hold the thermocouple on the pipe. Place our rugged pipe clamps and they will stay put making it easy to get instant, accurate readings.”

The versatile clamps fit virtually anywhere they need to and offer a secure connection even on wet or damp pipes. They are compact, and have an easy-to-open design that allows for quick single-handed placement.

When used with the Fieldpiece Job Link mobile app, the JL3LC makes it easy to record and share data. Their compatibility with Job Link means that the data can be displayed in a professional report to be emailed to the customer or home office. In addition, the JL3LC leverages a strong wireless system. Measurements are sent up to 350’ away directly to a mobile device with the Job Link App, and the JL3LC also works seamlessly with the Fieldpiece SMANs, models SM380V and SM480V. The wireless signal is able to penetrate even the thick walls of walk-in coolers and freezers.

Included with the TC48 Large Pipe Clamp Type K Thermocouple is a long 6’ kink-free cable and an Emery Cloth for Cleaning Pipes. The Job Link® System Premium Large Pipe Clamp Probe includes the probe, batteries, and an Emery Cloth for Cleaning Pipes.

The trade price for the TC48 is $99.00 and the JL3LC is $146.00. They are available at distributors now. For more information about the TC48 and JL3LC please visit, or call us at 714.634.1844.

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Fieldpiece Instruments Welcomes Jeb Ball as New Vice President of Sales

Orange, Calif., July 2, 2020 — Fieldpiece Instruments, the only company solely dedicated to creating tools and test instruments for HVACR professionals, announces that Jeb Ball has joined the company as Vice President of Sales. Jeb is a proven sales leader with a focus on driving results, building strong partner relationships, delivering excellent customer service and developing team and employee success.

“I’m excited to have Jeb join us to help drive sales and our overall growth,” said CEO Cameron Rouns. “Jeb’s business knowledge and experience combined with his proven track record are well suited for Fieldpiece’s expansive growth strategy.”

Most recently, Jeb worked with Fieldpiece in an advisory role helping with strategic planning and leading their go-to-market efforts.  Previously, he held a number of Executive positions with technology and visual marketing companies. His positive impact of sales leadership in industry leading firms included companies such as Noosh were he was Executive Board Member and Coloredge where he was CEO.

“I’m proud to be part of the Fieldpiece team during a time of industry growth and increasing customer demand for our new, technology-driven products. I look forward to working with our customers and accelerating Fieldpiece’s tremendous success,” said Jeb.

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Fieldpiece Instruments Introduces an Easier Way to Measure Static and Gas Pressure with New Job Link® System Wireless Manometer

Orange, Calif., April 2, 2020 — Fieldpiece Instruments, the only company solely dedicated to creating tools and test instruments for HVACR professionals, introduces a new dual-port wireless manometer that works with the Fieldpiece Job Link® System App for taking pressure measurements quickly and easily. The JL3KM2 dual-port manometer allows the HVACR professional to document readings in the Job Link® System app from up to 350 feet away.

The Fieldpiece Job Link® System app is a robust app used with compatible HVACR test instruments for troubleshooting, diagnosing, and evaluating HVACR systems.  Because the probes are not tethered – single, dual, and multi-port measurements are not limited by the length of the hose and can be placed in the perfect locations on the system (multi-port will be available this summer). The measurements are more accurate because the probes can be placed behind closed doors and in tight locations.

Technicians can take inlet gas pressure, outlet gas pressure, and total external static pressure of a furnace with multiple probes hooked up and view them all at the same time in the Job Link® System App. An indicator switch on the manometer automatically tells the Job Link System which side is being tested with the color-code switch (Blue is for P1 and Red is for P2). View real-time return static, supply static, and total external static pressure all at once with just two probes. The  system allows for up to eight individual manometers at one time in the Job Link App. This is helpful when measuring real-time pressure drops between blowers, filters, and coils with multiple probes (more than two readings up to eight will be available this summer). The results will display at the same time on the mobile device using Job Link® System App.

“Pair these probes with the other Job Link Probes and you have a powerful set of tools that give you a total snapshot of the equipment all in a small form factor,” said Russ Harju, Product Manager Fieldpiece Instruments. Harju added, “We made these tools so easy to deploy at a job site that there is no excuse not to measure your static pressure at every job.”

Other features include a rugged housing; sturdy, rotating magnet to hold the manometer in place; gas adapter and static pressure accessory comes standard; and strong metal barb tips. In addition, the JL3MN measurements can be zeroed on the tool itself so there is no fumbling with the app.

The JL3MN is sold as a single pack and includes the JL3MN, slide-on Gas Adapter, extra hose with Brass Screw Fitting, and a Static Pressure Probe. The JL3KM2 is a double pack dual manometer and includes two JL3MNs, a case, two slide-on Gas Adapters, extra hose with two Brass Screw Fittings, and two Static Pressure Probes.

The trade price for the JL3MN is $124.00 and the JL3KM2 is $183.00. They are available at distributors now. For more information about the JL3MN and JL3KM2 please visit the product page through this link, or call us at 714.634.1844.

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Fieldpiece Instruments Welcomes New Chief Executive Officer

Orange, Calif., February 4, 2020 — Fieldpiece Instruments, the HVACR industry’s only company solely dedicated to creating tools and test instruments for HVACR professionals, recently appointed Cameron Rouns as Chief Executive Officer.

Rouns brings over 25 years of experience delivering market-transforming technologies and instrumentation across a broad range of industries.  Previously he held key positions with diverse companies from pre-revenue start-ups to Fortune 500 companies including Kimberly-Clark, Medtronic, Abbott, and others where he has been responsible for leading teams to develop, manufacture and commercialize break-through technologies.

“Fieldpiece Instruments is an innovative company focused on creating and bringing to market better, simpler, and more efficient HVACR tools and test instruments.  The success of an organization is based on having strong ties to the customers you serve.  I was inspired and very aligned with Fieldpiece’s customer-driven culture and the deep commitment of bringing innovation to the HVACR industry.  My goal is to continue Fieldpiece’s growth and solidify our reputation as the industry’s most trusted and used tools. I’m looking forward to joining the great team at Fieldpiece,” said Rouns.

“We have been searching for the best person to lead Fieldpiece into this new decade and beyond. Cam has a strong history of leveraging advanced innovation to propel businesses to dominant market positions. As we continue to develop new products and refine our current ones, we will rely on Cam to provide feedback and keep us on the right path. With his help, our goal is to continue to bring more useful tools to market,” said Rey Harju, founder, Fieldpiece Instruments.

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Fieldpiece Instruments Introduces Two New Wireless Clamp Meters That Connect Directly with the Job Link® System App

Orange, Calif., November 4, 2019 — Fieldpiece Instruments, the only company solely dedicated to creating tools and test instruments for HVACR professionals, introduces two new wireless power clamp meters that work with the Fieldpiece Job Link® System App for on-the-go testing and reporting. The SC480 and SC680 meet the rigorous demands of the HVAC professional in the field for HVACR electrical tests.

HVACR professionals are dealing with time constraints in getting their jobs completed in a suitable manner, while having the accurate measurements they need. These new clamp meters utilizing the Job Link® System offer advanced solutions for HVACR electrical tests that can be customized for the jobs they are working on.  While working on-the-go, technicians must get the correct data to make informed decisions about the service they are providing in a timely manner, including measuring power in kilowatts to help determine how efficiently a system is running. With the electrical measurements documented, technicians can recommend cost saving actions to the customer. The Fieldpiece Job Link app makes the job easier, faster, better.

With the mini-split market continuing to grow, these new meters are perfect for getting electrical measurements on mini-splits. The included Molex tips are super thin to get readings on hard to reach circuitry and a low pass filter provides more reliable voltage readings on variable frequency drives (VFDs). Plus, the SC680 also measures DC amps for inverter systems.

“It’s easy to receive and document a complete system snapshot by pairing the new meters with our manifolds, wireless scale, and Job Link Probes,” said Russ Harju, Product Manager Fieldpiece Instruments. Harju added, “Working as a team, technicians can clearly communicate the health of the system with co-workers and even with the customer! This will help reduce call-backs and increase sales.”

Using Power (kW), phase rotation, True RMS, Inrush features, and super thin Molex test leads, the field technician can easily test HVACR electrical equipment. Because these new meters are CAT IV rated at 600 Volts they cover the higher levels of transient overvoltage HVACR professionals may encounter when working on utility service equipment.

A summary of additional benefits and features follows:

  • Molex Test Leads SC480 and SC680
    • Work efficiently on hard to reach circuitry like mini-split boards.
  • Power (kW)
    • Help customers understand how much their system is costing in electricity usage.
  • Electrical Testing for HVACR
    • True RMS readings through the clamp or leads. Capture starting amps with Inrush.
  • VFDs voltage accuracy SC480 and SC680
    • Low Pass Filter (LPF) to remove noise and get true voltage on VFDs.
  • Swivel Head with LED Flashlight SC680
    • Open the clamp to illuminate the wire bundle you’re hunting.
  • Test 3-Phase Power with Only Two Leads SC480 and SC680
    • Conveniently test phase rotation without carrying around that extra lead.
  • Trusted Dual-Temp SC480 and SC680
    • Reliable temperature in fast changing environments. View both temperatures or T1-T2.
  • Capacitance SC480 and SC680
    • Test motor start and run caps. Determine when a capacitor needs to be replaced.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Beacon SC680
    • 115’ (35 meters) wireless connection direct to mobile device
  • Dial Backlight SC680
    • Clearly view the dial in low light situations

Included with the clamp meters are:

  • SC680 or SC480 Job Link® System Power Clamp Meter
  • ATB1 Thermocouple (2x on SC680)
  • ADLS2 Silicone Leads
  • ASA2 Gator Clip Leads
  • ANC7 Padded Case
  • RCT2 Molex Tips

For more information about the new clamp meters please visit or call us at 714.634.1844.

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Fieldpiece Instruments Introduces New Vacuum Pump for the European Market

Orange, Calif., June 12, 2019 — Fieldpiece Instruments, the industry leader in tools and test instruments for HVACR professionals, introduces a new vacuum pump for the European market that is lightweight and portable, full of features and competitively priced.  The VP55INT is designed for European HVACR professionals who are pulling vacuum in A/C and refrigeration units either prior to adding refrigerant on a new installation or performing a system repair.

The VP55INT is a 5cfm pump with an AC motor and has dual voltage to easily change from 110 VAC to 230 VAC. A unique feature of the Fieldpiece vacuum pumps is the four in-line ports in three different sizes that allow for tidy hose routing and hose options. Another feature for the HVACR professional is the extra wide base to help prevent the pump from tipping and spilling oil.

Oil management, including inspecting the condition of the oil as well as ease of changing the oil, is important when installing or repairing a system. With the Fieldpiece Vacuum Pump, the HVACR professional can clearly view the oil condition through the large oil tank window. The oil backlight not only allows the technician to see the condition of the oil but also to see if the fill level is correct. In addition, with the Fieldpiece RunQuick™ oil change system, the oil can be replaced in under 20 seconds, even without losing a vacuum while the pump is running.

Russ Harju, Product Manager Fieldpiece Instruments says, “Performance and features are at the core of our new vacuum pump. We are excited to launch this new vacuum pump in the European market at a competitive price. With our proven track record of performance, the VP55 will become the one pump the technician asks for.”

The VP55 is available now. The European headquarters of Fieldpiece is located at:

Fieldpiece Instruments B.V., Kingsfordweg 151, 1043GR Amsterdam, Netherlands. Telephone: +34 659.181.882 or +44 1604 654164.