The team that leads the way.

Además de conocer el sector de la climatización como la palma de su mano, nuestro equipo directivo comprende a fondo los retos y triunfos de la empresa, los sutiles matices de la ingeniería y el día a día de los técnicos de campo. El equipo directivo único de Fieldpiece, que acumula experiencia en ámbitos que abarcan desde los productos sanitarios hasta la historia del arte, mantiene a la organización centrada en proporcionar lo mejor de lo mejor para nuestros clientes. Gracias a él, todos sus demás miembros podemos seguir aprendiendo, creciendo y prosperando juntos.

Cameron Rouns


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Cameron Rouns, CEO

Cameron Rouns has more than 25 years of experience delivering market-transformation across a broad range of industries. He’s worked in leadership roles with start-ups and Fortune 500 brands to develop, manufacture and commercialize break-through technologies throughout his career, and he fit in right away at Fieldpiece. That’s because our success is based on having strong ties to our customers and a deep understanding of their real-world wants and needs. Cameron was immediately inspired by our customer-driven culture and deeply aligned with our firm commitment to bringing continued innovation to the HVACR industry. Together, with Rouns at the helm, we’re continuing to grow and solidify our position as the industry's most trusted tools.

Jeb Ball

Vice President Sales and Marketing

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Jeb Ball, Vice President Sales and Marketing

A proven sales leader with a focus on driving results, Jeb knows how to build strong partner relationships and deliver excellent service to each customer. He’s also an expert at developing both team and employee success. With Jeb's business knowledge and experience combined with his proven track record, we’re well suited to continue to create innovative, new products that professionals in the field need. Before joining Fieldpiece, Ball held a number of executive positions with technology and visual marketing companies.

Bas Kamermans

Managing Director – EMEA

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Bas Kamermans, Managing Director – EMEA

An entrepreneurial business manager with more than 18 years of commercial experience, Bas recently joined the Fieldpiece team to grow its European presence. With a background in mechanical engineering and general management, he has a strong understanding of both technology and people. He relies on an open communication and motivational management style and has experience leading multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams across the globe.

Jim Gregorec

Vice President of R&D Engineering

Conozca a Jim

Jim Gregorec, Vice President of R&D Engineering

Jim leads the Fieldpiece R&D team with an innate curiosity to uncover, understand and address customer problems via a distinctively collaborative approach. Passionate about being a strong mentor to his team, he believes in challenging thinking, exploring new ways of doing things and seeking diverse perspectives. By combining a balance of process and entrepreneurial spirit, Jim enables his talented team to innovate Fieldpiece’s expanding, industry-leading portfolio of HVACR solutions. His broad experience includes engineering, quality, manufacturing, marketing, and running a business.