Fieldpiece Expanding Clamp Meter Line with Job Link™ Mobile App Compatible Meters

ANAHEIM, Calif., June 2, 2016 – Fieldpiece Instruments, the industry leader in tools and test instruments for HVACR professionals, introduces two new clamp meters that are compatible with the Job LinkTM Mobile App and deliver a comprehensive range of test and measurement data. The new meters, SC460 and SC660 are the most complete HVACR electrical testing meters Fieldpiece has ever developed.

When communicating with the Job Link Mobile App, the SC460 and SC660 provide essential data to calculate both power and system efficiency, along with transmitting measurements taken from the meter to the Job Link System where it can be used to diagnose a system, be included on customer reports, and saved for reference on future calls.

Already packed with HVACR measurements, the SC460 Essential Meter also features wireless measurements, and 3-phase rotation test with just two leads.  The SC660 Loaded Meter adds to the wireless and phase rotation with lead storage, swivel heads, and back lights, as well as dual temperature for easy Delta-T calculations, and Amps DC through the clamp.

Fieldpiece has focused on providing HVACR professionals with the most innovative tools and test instruments in the industry since it was founded over 25 years ago. As technology has become a seamless part of the techs’ work life, Fieldpiece has listened to what techs need and want.  They create and upgrade tools, like these new clamp meters, to empower the techs to do their jobs easily and effectively.

“Mobile devices are the way the world works now. Being able to record electrical measurements, calculate SEER and EER and save and print reports all from a smart phone or tablet is the most efficient use of the HVACR field service pro’s time,” said Russ Harju, product manager at Fieldpiece

Specifically, the SC460 Essential Meter measures voltage and amp draw to calculate system efficiency in the Job Link Mobile App. The dual LCD display allows the tech to see both voltage and amperage readings at the same time. In addition, it is built to withstand the rigors of HVACR with high impact plastic and a display you can read in hot or cold environments. The tech can move from a cold freezer to a hot rooftop and get accurate temperature measurements that lesser thermometers cannot measure properly.

The flagship feature-rich SC660 is a swivel-head clamp meter that will connect wirelessly to a smart phone or tablet via the Job Link Mobile App.  It measures Amps DC through the clamp, dual temperature, and 3-phase rotation with only two leads, as well as amp draw to calculate system efficiency in the Job Link Mobile App. The heavy-duty magnet allows the field service pro to hang the SC660 to any metallic surface for hands-free testing. Also, the tech can conveniently store the test leads when the job is done with the lead storage solution. Both voltage and amperage readings can be seen at the same time on the big dual LCD display.

“These new meters enable the technician to troubleshoot, measure, and perform various tests in a rugged, easy-to-use design,” stated Harju. “With wireless capability the tech can view measurements from other compatible devices live. At the end of a job they can download the measurements and create a report right from their mobile device.”

The clamp meters include test leads that are also UL compliant, and are gold-plated with removable safety caps.The new clamp meters will be available at HVACR distributors in summer 2016.  SC460 suggested trade is $299.00, and the SC660 suggested trade is $349.00.

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