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How Manometers Help HVACR Professionals Diagnose and Balance Furnace and A/C Systems

By Jeremy Sommer

What Is a Manometer? A manometer is an instrument used to measure and indicate pressure. There are two types of manometers, analog and digital. The most basic and simplest form of an analog is the U-Tube manometer, a glass or rubber tube bent in the shape of a “U” where numbers are listed and spaced ...

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Why True RMS Meters in HVAC/R

If the loads you measure are controlled to do more than go on and off, you may need a true rms meter. Here’s why. DC voltages and DC current values don’t change if there is no change in the load or supply. The formulas for power are very simple. Power=voltage X current. AC voltages and ...

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HVAC/R Instruments Vital in Military Effort

from the article: The Right Stuff for Use in the Field by Jack Sine June 28, 2010 theNEWS achrnews.com "They’re a critical part of the work HVACR technicians do. Often called “tools of the trade,” the instruments and tools a technician has in his bag are almost as important to him as his expertise. A ...

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