LT17A Fieldpiece Instruments Introduces New and Improved Digital Multimeter

BREA, Calif., April 14, 2006 — Fieldpiece Instruments, manufacturer of professional-grade instruments for the HVAC/R technician, has introduced an upgraded version of the company’s popular LT17 DMM. The LT17A features a bright blue backlight display; a magnetic hanger on the back for testing convenience; a temperature calibration pot on the face of the meter for easy ice bucket calibration; and a newly tooled case featuring a rugged front-overhang design and a protective rubber holster. The LT17A also comes with the new ACH4 current clamp that is designed to make it easy to separate and grab just one wire from a bundle. Removable tip test leads are included to connect with all Fieldpiece accessory heads.

“The LT17 has been an important component in our growing line of meters and the new features in the LT17A provide greater functionality for the HVACR technician when testing,” said Rey Harju of Fieldpiece. “For basic HVAC and electrical testing in the field, the LT17A is the biggest bang for the buck!”

In addition to volts and amps, the LT17A measures functions specifically needed by the HVAC/R technicians, such as temperature, MFD (motor start and run capacitors), ohms (motor windings), and microamps (flame rectifier diode circuit). Motor run and start capacitors are two of the most failure-prone components in an HVAC/R system. The LT17A features ranges not commonly available on digital multimeters priced below $129. The four millivolt ranges (200mV and 2000 mV AC and DC) enable the LT17A to use all Fieldpiece accessory heads. The AC and DC voltages cover ranges from 200mV to 600V with a resolution of 0.1mV. The LT17A measures temperature with a supplied K-type thermocouple (and other optional K-type thermocouples) for ranges from -30°F to 1400°F. The thermocouple plugs directly into the front of the meter.

The LT17A has a host of other features like Data Hold, Min/Max Hold, a continuity beeper, automatic shut-off and a low-battery indicator. The LT17A can be conveniently propped up with the built-in tilt stand or it can hang from a steel panel with the magnetic hanger. The built-in lead storage keeps the leads tidy when not in use.

The LT17A is priced at $129 and comes with the new ACH4 Current Clamp, ATB1 Thermocouple, vinyl deluxe leads with removable tips, and an ANC5 Case.

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