Fieldpiece Instruments’ Compact Model AAV3 Anemometer Accessory Head—Easy to Use Tool for Accurate

Brea, CA — Fieldpiece Instruments, Inc. has added a compact anemometer accessory head to its line of modular test heads. The Model AAV3 Anemometer Accessory Head was designed in response to specific requests from HVAC field service technicians for an easy-to-use air velocity and temperature measuring instrument. It measures air velocity from 60 FPM (feet per minute) to 5900 FPM. The AAV3 uses an air velocity sensor to measure the speed of air at heating or cooling vents and registers, and allows the technician to determine the air velocity and adjust the HVAC system accordingly.

The AAV3 can also be used to estimate CFM (cubic feet/minute). Just multiply the average air velocity times the size of the opening expressed in square feet. For example, if the free area is 1/2 foot by 1/2 foot, and the average air velocity is 500 feet/min, then the CFM is 500 X 1/2 X 1/2=125 CFM.

In addition to measuring air velocity, the AAV3 also measures temperature. The temperature range it measures is between –4°F to 140°F.

The AAV3 easily snaps on any Fieldpiece “stick-style” DMM or can be used as a stand-alone instrument when attached to the Fieldpiece Electronic Handle (EHDL1). When used as a standalone instrument, it’s still attractively priced.

The Fieldpiece DL2 data logger records readings from the AAV3, and also can be used to easily get the average air velocity over any grill or register. Just move the AAV3 to several different locations, typically nine points (3 x 3) on the grill, and press RECORD. When done, punch a button to display the average reading. For CFM, multiply that number times the free area expressed in square feet.

With the addition of the Model AAV3 to its line of accessory test heads, Fieldpiece now offers a broader range of test heads for HVAC than any other DMM manufacturer. Fieldpiece Instruments’ easy-to-use line of test heads offer maximum coverage of common field tests, compact size and weight, and require a minimum amount of training.

The AAV3 Anemometer fits in any of the new Fieldpiece Soft-Sided Cases and is priced at $99. For a standalone meter, add $24.95 for the EHDL1 handle. Or, for data recording plus easy averaging plus live data display, add $199 for the DL2 data logger. The DL2 works with all Fieldpiece accessory heads.

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