ATC1 K-Type Thermocouple Offers Easy Access and Fast, Accurate Readings for Pipe Temperature Measurement

Brea, CA, April 7, 2005 — Fieldpiece Instruments introduces a new thermocouple, ATC1, for the field service technician. Designed for easier, more accurate pipe temperature measurement readings than conventional styles, the new thermocouple works with Fieldpiece’s temperature accessory heads, superheat accessory heads, or other temperature instruments that useType-K thermocouples. It can read temperatures up to 400°F.

The thermocouples’ clamp-on design allows the technician to fit it directly on the sides of the pipe for easy attachment. The ATC1 is a pipe clamp thermocouple accessory that features a maximum 1 3/8” jaw opening, enabling easy access to virtually any location needed.

“The ATC1 was designed primarily to make taking suction line temperatures easier,” said Rey Harju of Fieldpiece. “Just clamp it on for a solid thermal connection to the suction line.”

The ATC1 can easily facilitate taking a superheat orsubcooling measurement on most residential and commercial refrigeration appliances or air conditioners. Because of its unique design, it can even be used to take the temperature measurements of pipes that are up against walls or other surfaces. Because the clamp has a very strong spring, it will stay put in virtually any pipe orientation including vertical pipes.

The ATC1 is available immediately and priced at $49. Fieldpiece offers a wide variety of otherType-K thermocouples for field service technicians for measuring gases, surfaces, fluids and semi-solids.

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