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Fieldpiece Instruments Opens UK Office for Sales and Customer Service

Orange, Calif., April 25, 2019 – As part of its international development strategy, Fieldpiece Instruments ( is pleased to announce the opening of its UK office to add to Fieldpiece’s Europe operation and to provide sales and customer service in the United Kingdom. The office will also serve as a technical support and warranty service facility to Europe as a whole.

Fieldpiece is a United States-based company established in 1989 to focus solely on creating tools for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) professionals.  One of the leading brands in the US, Fieldpiece is now expanding into the European market.

Since the beginning of the company, Fieldpiece has maintained its focus on the HVACR professional. All Fieldpiece products are designed to enhance the ability of engineers to do their jobs easier, faster, and with more precision. To ensure durability, each product goes through rigorous field testing before being sold into the market.

“Along with our warehouse in The Netherlands, moving into this new office in England allows us to better serve our customers in Europe,” said Russell Harju, president of European operations. “We are excited that Michael Harris, an experienced HVACR professional, is heading up the office as General Manager of the European team.”

Michael Harris MInstR has a Mechanical Engineering background and is a member of the UK based Institute of Refrigeration. For more than 27 years, Harris led sales and managed new business development worldwide in all sectors of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. He joined Fieldpiece Instruments BV in September 2017 to take on the challenge of establishing the European entity and in particular developing the UK potential market. “We’re opening our doors in England because of the considerable potential the UK region has to offer. We look forward to Fieldpiece being part of the growing HVACR community here,” said Harris.

The new office is located at:
Fieldpiece Instruments B.V.
Newton House
Northampton Science Park
Kings Park Road
Moulton Park Industrial Estate
Northampton, England NN3 6LG

Telephone: +44 16 04 65 41 64; E-mail:

For sales and technical service outside of the United Kingdom, distributors and engineers can contact the Fieldpiece Madrid office at + 31 20 2146 500.

Fieldpiece Instruments corporate office is located at 1636 West Collins Ave., Orange CA 92867. For more information about our products please visit our website at or call us at +1.714.634.1844.


Formed in 1989, Orange County, Calif.-based Fieldpiece Instruments has become the leading manufacturer of professional-grade, hand-held instruments for HVACR field service.

Over the course of its history, Fieldpiece narrowed its focus to serve the HVACR industry exclusively. Product features inspired by real world use make Fieldpiece Instruments the leading choice of HVACR field technicians. While innovation fuels product development at Fieldpiece, the company’s original mission holds true to this day: To provide the network of test tools HVACR pros trust to do more. Please visit our website at or call +1 714.634.1844. Follow us on Facebook and watch our YouTube Channel.

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Fieldpiece Instruments Introduces New Wireless Manifolds

Orange, Calif., February 5, 2019 – Fieldpiece Instruments, the industry leader in tools and test instruments for HVACR professionals, announces two new SMAN™ Refrigerant Manifolds that have been refined to offer the ultimate in field performance. Years of feedback from A/C and refrigeration professionals is combined with Fieldpiece’s laser focus on continuous improvement to bring one of the toughest, most advanced digital manifolds to HVACR.

The extremely rugged case not only protects the manifold from field use, it also makes it water resistant with an IP rating of 54. Thermocouple ports have been moved to the rear for added protection and a streamlined setup. The manifolds are optimized for live readings and receive direct long-range (up to 350’) wireless measurements directly from the Fieldpiece Job Link Probes and SRS3 Wireless Scale with no transmitter required. Models SM380V (three-port manifold) and SM480V (four-port manifold) are both wireless and have built in micron gauges. They are targeted to be available at distributors spring 2019.

The new SMAN™ manifolds will easily help the HVACR professional check, evacuate, and charge systems faster. The pro can view the calculated target superheat while monitoring, in real-time, how their charge is affecting actual superheat and subcooling. All measurements and live calculations can be viewed on the extra large LCD or from a distance or on a mobile device with the Job Link® System App. Up to nine jobs can be saved to the internal flash drive.

The large vacuum port on the SM480V matches perfectly with Fieldpiece Vacuum Pump models VP55 and VP85. While the refrigerant port on both models can be used to connect to a refrigerant cylinder directly, or to a recovery machine like Fieldpiece model MR45.

More than 70 refrigerants are pre-programmed into the manifold and future refrigerants can be added by utilizing the micro USB port. A rolling list of the ten most recently used refrigerants is stored at the top of the main refrigerant list for quick selection. When the manifold powers off, the current refrigerant is added automatically to this dynamic list of ten.

The new manifolds are customizable with the ability to adjust auto power off duration, adjust backlight duration, set high and low vacuum alarms and select each unit of measurement individually. In addition, a Tightness Test function is available to check for leaks after repairs or installations and to allow the pro to view pressure differential over time. A timer tracks the duration of the test and temperature is compensated with SL temp to avoid false positives.

In addition to the included thermocouples, you can connect wirelessly to psychrometers, pipe clamps, and even a refrigerant scale. For example, assign one psychrometer (model JL3RH) to return air and another to supply air to view live temperature split across the evaporator directly.

“It’s our job to make HVACR pros’ jobs easier, faster, and better,” said Russ Harju, product manager at Fieldpiece. “These new wireless refrigerant manifolds do just that,
especially with the large screen that’s so easy to read, and the new, more rugged, upgrades.” The suggested MSRP is $535.00 for the SM380V and $675.00 for the SM480V. For more information call us at 714.634.1844. Follow us on Facebook and watch our YouTube Channel.

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Fieldpiece Instruments Introduces Two New Vacuum Pumps

Fieldpiece Instruments Introduces Two New Vacuum Pumps
Four In-line Hose Ports Allow Easy Access

Orange, Calif., April 12, 2018 — Fieldpiece Instruments, the industry leader in tools and test instruments for HVACR professionals, introduces a new line of vacuum pumps that are lightweight and portable, full of features and competitively priced.  The VP55 and VP85 Vacuum Pumps are designed for HVACR professionals who are pulling vacuum in A/C and refrigeration units either prior to adding refrigerant on a new installation or performing a system repair.

The VP55 is a 5cfm pump with an AC motor, and the VP85 is an 8cfm pump with a DC motor.  The 8cfm DC motor allows for smooth running in colder weather and lower voltage. A unique feature of the Fieldpiece vacuum pumps is the four in-line ports in three different sizes that allow for tidy hose routing and hose options. Another feature for the HVACR professional is the extra wide base to help prevent the pump from tipping and spilling oil.

Oil management, including inspecting the condition of the oil as well as ease of changing the oil, is important when installing or repairing a system. With the Fieldpiece Vacuum Pumps, the HVACR professional can clearly view the oil condition through the large oil tank window. The oil backlight not only allows the technician to see the condition of the oil but also to see if the fill level is correct. In addition, with the Fieldpiece RunQuick™ oil change system, the oil can be replaced in under 20 seconds, even without losing a vacuum while the pump is running.

Russ Harju, Product Manager Fieldpiece Instruments says, “Performance and features are at the core of our new vacuum pumps. We are excited to launch this new vacuum pump line, based on the Fieldpiece range of professional HVACR tools and test equipment. The pumps are competitively priced but with our proven track record of performance will become the one pump the technician asks for.”

The VP55 and VP85 Vacuum Pumps will be at distributors in Spring of 2018.

Fieldpiece is located at 1636 West Collins Ave., Orange CA 92867. Suggested trade for the VP85 is $605.00, and for the VP55 is $440.00.

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New Precision Job Link® System Test Probes Transmit Strong 350’ Signal

Orange, Calif., July 18, 2017 — Fieldpiece Instruments, the industry leader in tools and test instruments for HVACR professionals, introduces a new line of wireless probes that are compatible with the Fieldpiece Job Link® System for versatile, easy testing.  The probes are designed to provide accurate testing in real world situations for HVACR professionals. Their compatibility with Job Link means that the data can be displayed in a professional report to be emailed to the customer or home office. All measurements are sent up to 350’ away directly to a mobile device with the Job Link App, and work seamlessly with Fieldpiece tools using the JL2 Transmitter.  The probes work with Job Link Free, or for more robust features the Job Link Pro and Pro + Invoicing versions.

Three new probes are initially available in two kit formats.  The charge kit includes two pressure probes, two temperature clamps, and a padded carrying case.  And the charge and air kit includes two pressure probes, two temperature clamps, two psychrometer probes, and a padded carrying case.  All probes have a strong wireless range of about 350’, and the wireless signal is able to penetrate even the thick walls of walk-through coolers and freezers.  The three initial probes available mid-August include:

  • Job Link Pressure Probes
    • 45° angled fitting easily connects in tight spaces
    • Accurate at any elevation
    • Excellent for critically charged systemsto zero at start up
    • Water resistant
  • Job Link Premium Pipe Clamp Probes (1/4” – 1 3/8”)
    • Rapid Rail Thermocouple Technology
    • Stabilizes in under 5 seconds with +/- 1° accuracy
    • Rapid Rail™ technology uses pipe to complete circuit for no interference from ambient air
    • Beeper and LED to alerts user of proper connection
    • Narrow jaw connects in tight spaces and irregularly shaped pipes
    • Water resistant
  • Job Link Flex Psychrometer Probes
    • Designed to work anywhere – grilles/registers/plenum/duct
    • Place at any location based on system requirements
    • Long flexible probe with sliding magnet for easy placement on system
    • Narrow tip fits in 3/8’’ holes or larger
    • Real time dry bulb, wet bulb, dew point, humidity, and enthalpy readings
    • Target Superheat

Russ Harju, Product Manager Fieldpiece Instruments says, “We are really excited to introduce these new wireless probes to our expanding line of tools and test instruments. With the continued growth of mobile applications like Job Link in every day use, HVACR professionals and their customers will have the job complete with accuracy and professionalism. We bundled the probes into kits to make it easy for the HVACR professional to grab and get testing in a short amount of time.”

Fieldpiece is located at 1636 West Collins Ave., Orange CA 92867.

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Revolutionizing how Refrigerant is Recovered—Fieldpiece Introduces MR45 Recovery Machine

Orange, CA, January 30, 2017—The MR45 Refrigerant Recovery Machine is a lightweight digital refrigerant recovery machine with a smart, variable speed one-horsepower DC motor. Attendees at the AHR Show in Las Vegas can see the MR45 first-hand in Booth #C2339.

The DC motor is fast and smooth when pulling the refrigerant. The variable speed motor operates based on the load so it runs at lower RPMs when pulling liquid and then switches to higher RPMs when pulling vapor to maximize vapor recovery. The extra-large condenser is a unique advantage that cools the refrigerant faster, especially on hot days.  Plus the transformer steps up the supply voltage so long extension cords can be used without risk of motor burnout.

‘Fieldpiece of Mind’ is the new marketing theme for Fieldpiece Instruments. “We like to give our customers peace of mind as they head to a project,” said Russ Harju, Product Marketing Manager of Fieldpiece Instruments. “MR45 is fast, reliable, accurate and easier to use than any other refrigerant recovery machine on the market.”

The digital display presents precise measurements and the large digits are easy to see and read from far away. The display also provides added information like pressures and status messages that clarify operation. The bright blue backlit display makes reading even in a dark situation easy. Both the display and electronics are well protected for ease of use in the rain, cold, and heat.

HVACR professionals will appreciate the added ease of direct access to ports when connecting and disconnecting hoses, and the locked input port for one handed connecting and disconnecting. In addition, the large rubberized dual-port routing knob makes operation comfortable even when wearing gloves.

“We’ve packed a lot of features in this lightweight machine that has to be used to be appreciated. It is so light and so fast that the HVACR professional can do his job reliably and quickly then move on to the next one,” said Harju.

Fieldpiece is located at 1636 West Collins Ave., Orange CA 92867. For more information on the MR45, please visit our website at or call us at 714.634.1844.  Patents pending.

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Fieldpiece Enters Tool Bag Market with HVACR Specific Service Bag

Orange, CA, January 30, 2017—The new BG44 Service Tool Bag from Fieldpiece was designed specifically for HVACR professionals to have in hand everything they need on an initial service call. The new product launch represents a significant pivot toward the company’s deep expertise in producing innovative HVACR products—and an investment in this key brand differentiator for 2017 and beyond. Attendees at the AHR Show in Las Vegas can see the BG44 first-hand in Booth #C2339.

“We designed this bag for real-word HVACR professionals. Even though our main business is HVACR tools and test instruments we understand what’s needed to do the job right the first time and having all the right tools is part of that. We’re using only premium materials and employ top-tier construction techniques in this bag,” said Russ Harju, Product Marketing Manager of Fieldpiece Instruments. “The BG44 has what it takes to carry everything he needs for the initial call on a job.”

The patent pending tool organizer is elevated for hand tools so HVACR pros can easily see where everything is and conveniently grab what they need.  Plus it’s easy to see if something is missing at the end of the job so tools don’t get left behind.

Padded pockets protect meters from the hand tools to keep them clean and easy to access.

Other features include:

Magnetic strip for screws
Reversible quick carry strap user-configured
Hanging hook
Bottle/wasp spray strap carabiner
Sturdy weatherproof base for extra protection
Extra D-rings
Drill/driver cinched strap

According to professionals that have been using the bag the thing they like most is the compact size (8.5” x 5.5” x 13”) and how it fits tight to the body for use in crawl spaces and caged ladders on the sides of buildings. One of our testers stated, “I was a little apprehensive at first as I don’t normally like the backpack style bags but the single strap across the body is a much better design. There are many other things that I like about the bag. The section at the bottom I’m using for a couple of small screw cases. My meter fits perfectly in the side pocket. The plier holder in the main bag has been a nice addition.”

Fieldpiece is located at 1636 West Collins Ave., Orange CA 92867. For more information on the BG44, please visit our website at or call us at 714.634.1844.