Charging Jacket

Charging Jacket

  • Charge TXV Systems when it’s 37-70°F outside
  • Service maintenance contracts before and after summer heat
  • Extend billable hours
  • Easy to adjust to reach correct pressure differential
  • Looks professional

Keep working when the temperature drops. 

If you want to charge TXV systems in cooler weather, pick up a S365 Charging Jacket. As you know, low temperatures remove too much heat from the condenser coils, but our charging jacket solves that problem. Extend your billable hours before and after the summer season. Start service and maintenance calls early in the spring and continue late into the fall – maybe even year-round depending on where you live. The S365 frees up your hot summer months for critical work, not service and maintenance.

Nothing else like it.

We made the S365 from parachute-grade material, and the hooks and drawstrings are just as durable. It’s also easy to adjust for reaching the correct pressure differential. With the Charging Jacket, TXV systems can be accurately charged down to 37°F. The jacket brings the pressure drop across the TXV to at least 160 psi, and therefore has the same effect on the system as higher temperatures do. It makes it easier to accurately charge and inspect the system.