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ATR1 – Piercing Type-K Thermocouple

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The ATR1, Type-K thermocouple is perfect for testing the temperature of air flowing through ductwork. The long rod can reach the middle of ducts for accurate air temperature readings of the entire cross-section. The large handle gives the HVACR technician the leverage to push the sharp tip through soft ducts. The ATR1 can be used with any of our meters that measure temperature and any thermometer accepting a Type-K thermocouple.


Rod length: 4.75 inches
Rod diameter: 0.125 inches
Thermocouple cable length: 4 feet
±1°F (-238 – 32°F); ±0.5°C (-150 – 0°C)
±3°F (32 – 212°F); ±1.5°C (0 – 100°C)
±4°F (212 – 932°F); ±2 (100 – 500°C)
±6°F (932 – 1472°F); ±3.2°C (500 – 800°C)
Temperature range: -238°F – 1472°F (-150°C – 800°C)
Thermocouple conductors: Type-K nickel chromium/nickel aluminum
Plug: Type-K thermocouple male mini plug