LT17AW - Multimetro digitale wireless


LT17AW - Wireless Digital Multimeter

The LT17AW Digital Multimeter is loaded with the parameters and ranges HVACR professionals need for HVACR troubleshooting, plus it receives measurements wirelessly from any of the Fieldpiece Accessory Heads when connected to the wireless transmitter that's included.  You can now easily measure current, resistance, voltage, capacitance, frequency, continuity, and temperature either directly, or wirelessly from up to 75' away. 

Because of the wireless capability you can connect your amp clamp and completely close the blower door so you get a more accurate amperage reading.  Or you can set up a wet bulb measurement in the attic and get live readings while you're making adjustments at the condenser.  

Designed specifically for HVACR field service, the LT17AW combines wireless readings with specific features and benefits that HVACR field service pros need:

Transforms any Fieldpiece Accessory Head into a Wireless Device
There is a Fieldpiece accessory head available for just about any job. There are heads to measure temperature, superheat, subcooling, RH%, wet bulb, dew point, vacuum (microns of mercury), manometer (inches of water column), amps AC&DC, high voltage, CO, %CO2, air velocity, and many more.

Transmitter and ACH4 Clamp 
Now with the wireless LT17AW all accessory heads can be used either directly through tests leads,     or wirelessly with the ET2W wireless transmitter that's included with your LT17AW.              

Continuity Indicator
If you were doing lab testing, these features would probably drive you crazy.  We’ve heard from more than one HVACR veteran that these features really remind you of what you’re doing and they’ve avoided potentially dangerous situations in the field.  The Hi-V LED and beeper let you know when you’ve hooked up to a circuit over 30V.  The continuity LED and beeper tells you if a circuit is open or closed.
Using the detachable test leads and the accessory head amp clamp, read 0-400 amps directly on your meter.  

Capacitance (MFD)
Measure microfarads on motor-run and motor-start capacitors using this range.  Disconnect the capacitor from power first. Short the terminals to discharge the capacitor. Disconnect any resistors that might be between the terminals of the capacitor and measure to check for degradation.

Take ambient air or refrigeration line temperatures and more with the built-in K-type port and the included ATB1 wrap tab thermocouple. Add a wet sock (saturated tissue or a shoelace to take wet bulb temperatures. The built-in temperature junction offers great temperature compensation for more accurate and faster measurements,

And more:

  • Microamps DC - Flame Rectification Tests
  • Silicone Leads with Detachable Probe Tips
  • Tilt Stand and Magnetic Hanger
  • Bright Blue Backlight
  • MAX/MIN hold  
  • Volts AC
  • Volts DC
  • Resistance (Ohms)
  • Diode Test
  • Rugged ABS case with rubber boot
  • Auto power-off (APO) to conserve battery life
LT17AW - Wireless Digital Multimeter
  • Digital Multimeter - LT17AW
  • Wireless Transmitter - ET2W
  • Current Clam Head - ACH4
  • Deluxe Test Leads - ADLS2
  • K-type Thermocouple - ATB1
  • Large Single Meter Case - ANC5
  • Operator’s Manual