ATH4 - Modulo supplementare per doppia temperatura

ATH4 - Dual Temperature Accessory Head

The Fieldpiece Dual-Temperature Accessory, model ATH4, measures two temperatures simultaneously using the included k-type, wrap tab beaded thermocouples.  The technology inside the ATH4 provides superior temperature compensation in rapidly changing environments commonly found while performing field service.  Use the ATH4 to find Delta T and just about any temperature split you want to measure.  Displays T1, T2 and T1-T2 on your Fieldpiece meter, handle or data logger.  It is included with the HVAC Guide® System Analyzer to get target superheat and for the Target Evaporator Exit Temperature test. Fieldpiece offers a wide variety of k-type thermocouples for various HVAC specific applications. Use pipe clamp T/Cs with the ATH4 to check for blocked filters.  Use wet and dry bulb thermocouples to find target superheat.

Designed for HVAC/R, the Dual-Temperature Accessory, model ATH4, measures two temperatures and calculatesthe difference in English or metric units.

  • Field calibration for ±1ºF accuracy
  • Displays ºF directly at 0.1ºF resolution on DMM with 0.1mVDC resolution
  • Select ºF or ºC
  • Converts from -50ºF to 1800ºF (optional thermocouple required for 1800ºF)
  • Includes two “wrap tab” thermocouples plus velcro straps. Thermocouples insulated to 400ºF
  • Auto-off can be disabled for data logging
ATH4 - Dual Temperature Accessory Head
  • Dual-Temperature Accessory - ATH4
  • (2) K-type Wrap Tab Bead Thermocouples - ATB1
  • (2) Velcro Tie- wraps (not pictured)
  • Mini-calibration Screwdriver
  • 9V Battery (installed)
  • Operator’s Manual