ST4 Dual Digital Thermometer for Superheat and Subcooling

BREA, Calif., March 16, 2004 — Fieldpiece Instruments, manufacturer of professional-grade instruments for field service, announces the introduction of model ST4 Dual Digital Thermometer for accurate temperature measurements using any k-type thermocouple. The ST4 comes with two bead-style k-type thermocouples for fast, precise measurements of two temperatures in different locations at the same time (T1, T2). The unit can display the real-time difference between the two thermocouple readings and displays it (T1-T2).

Fieldpiece designed the ST4 to be used while inside the carrying case. The supplied magnet conveniently allows the technician to hang it. The front is clear so he can press the buttons and read the display. The zippers allow the thermocouples to exit from the top of the case.

The ST4 includes “wrap tab” thermocouples. The “wrap tab” enables convenient storage of the thermocouple wires and helps ensure that the wire is not constantly bending in the same place in use, thus extending the life of the thermocouple in the hands of the field technician. Two hook & eye fastening strips are included to make it convenient to attach the thermocouples to a pipe. The thermocouples included go up to 400 OF. With optional thermocouples, the meter can measure to 2000 OF. LEDs will tell you if your thermocouple is not properly connected or if it has a broken wire.

A MIN/MAX function is included for recording the lowest and highest temperature. The user can choose select OF or OC, 1degree resolution or 0.1 degree resolution, T1, T2, or T1-T2.

The supplied rubber boot and case give the ST4 Dual Temperature Digital Thermometer plenty of protection and durability to last in the field.

The ST4 Thermometer from Fieldpiece has solved the temperature compensation problem that is common in many instruments of this type. The unit uses a custom ceramic component to ensure that the two points in the k-type thermocouple circuit that have to be at the same temperature are in sync. When the ambient temperature changes fast, those two points will remain at the same temperature, even as they are both changing.

The new ST4 Thermometer is field-calibratable. Once calibrated, the complete system is accurate ±1°F between 0°F and 180°F.

The low $79 cost includes the unit, two thermocouples with velcro straps, a magnet for hanging from a pipe, and a rubber holster.

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