SDMN6 – Industry Exclusive Pressure Switch Tester and Dual Port Manometer

ANAHEIM, Calif., April 2, 2014– Fieldpiece Instruments, the industry leader in tools and test instruments for HVACR professionals, introduces model SDMN6 Dual Port Manometer and Pressure Switch Tester.  The SDMN6 dual-port manometer measures gas and static pressure and also accurately tests pressure switches by simulating a draft with an internal pump.
A pressure switch is a safety device that prevents the furnace from running in an unsafe manner.  The SDMN6 tests the pressure switch to determine if it is working properly, or if it is starting to fail which can cause the furnace to run in an unsafe manner.
The Dual Port Manometer has the ranges to measure gas pressure and the resolution needed to measure static pressure.  Ideal for HVACR field service technicians, the SDMN6 can determine if the gas pressure coming into the house or out of the regulator are correct. The SDMN6 measures gas pressure up to 60″ water column (WC) with a resolution of 0.1″ WC. In addition, the unit measures both positive and negative pressure, which is used for measurement on vacuum control lines. The unit will take differential pressure readings and display the difference between P1 and P2 at all times in the lower right corner of the easy-to-read LCD. Four different measurement scales can be used: inches of water column, millimeters of water column, mBar, and PSI.
The SDMN6 also has a zero adjust to zero out the meter in different ambient pressures. It has a hold button to hold the currently displayed reading. The auto-power-off function conserves battery life, but can be disabled if desired.
In the static pressure mode, the unit can measure up to 2″WC with resolution to 0.010″WC, which enables a technician to measure small differences in air (or static) pressure.
“Now any technician can afford to conveniently measure static pressure because he can do it with his gas pressure measuring instrument,” says Russ Harju, product manager at Fieldpiece. “The tech also only needs to carry one pressure switch because the SMDN6 calibrates adjustable pressure switches to furnace specifications.”
The SDMN6 Dual Port Manometer and Pressure Switch Tester is priced at $279.00. The SDMN6 is housed in a rugged rubber boot, carrying case, hoses, static pressure probes, and a magnetic hanger for hands-free operation.
For more information, please visit our website at www.fieldpiece.com or call us at 714.634.1844. The SDMN6 is available at HVACR distributors.

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