Charge TXV Systems Down to 37 Degrees Outside – S365

Service and Charge Air Conditioners When It’s Cold Outside

Fieldpiece Introduces Product to Easily Charge TXV Systems Down to 37° Outside Air Temp

March 1, 2012, Anaheim, Calif. – Fieldpiece’s new S365 Charging Jacket enables HVACR professionals to charge TXV systems all year, even during cold weather conditions. This dramatically extends the length of time technicians can work on these A/C units, which allows contractors to service more customers during the off-season, or early or late in the day.

Before the Charging Jacket, if outside temperatures were below 70°F, a TXV system could not be charged because the cooler air removed too much heat from the condenser coils. The new Charging Jacket wraps around the condenser in a way that tricks the A/C unit to act as if it’s warmer outside than it is – all the way down to 37°F.

“Up to now, HVACR pros weren’t able to charge TXV systems if it was below 70° outside,” said Russell Harju, product manager. “So we devised a way that they can be dependably serviced and charged when it’s cold outside. This gives contractors the ability to service their regular customers in the off-season, so when it gets hot, they can focus on emergency calls and installations.”

The technician simply secures the jacket around the A/C unit, adjusts the exhaust air flow until the proper difference between the high side and low side pressures is reached, and then goes to work once it’s stabilized.

“Being able to service maintenance contracts before the spring/summer rush makes it possible for HVACR pros to do more and make more money,” said Harju. “They can tap into more billable hours because of the extended season, both before and after summer.”

The Charging Jacket is available immediately for $109.00 suggested trade price and can be purchased from a Fieldpiece distributor near you.

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