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Fieldpiece Instruments Launches Fieldpiece University

ORANGE, CALIF., September 30, 2021 – Fieldpiece Instruments, the leading manufacturer of professional-grade tools for HVACR pros by HVACR pros, announces the launch of Fieldpiece University – a new online training platform dedicated to providing application-based training to HVACR field pros, distributors and sales reps to help them do their job easier, faster, and better.

Designed to be the go-to resource for HVACR, Fieldpiece University features two modules: one channel to help HVACR distributors, sales reps and counter reps match HVACR technicians with the right tools for the job; and another to provide technicians in the field technical training to become masters of the trade with the latest best practices, industry insights, tips and tools to work smarter, not harder.

“Every day, we talk to HVACR professionals about how we can make their lives easier in the field,” says Tony Gonzalez, Technical Training Manager at Fieldpiece Instruments. “These conversations encouraged us to develop a new online training tool that anyone can use to improve their skills – whether you’re behind the sales counter talking to a contractor about a vacuum pump, or you work in the field and need to know the proper way to use a stand-alone vacuum gauge while performing a system evacuation.”

The Fieldpiece University platform was built in partnership with BlueVolt, a company that specializes in learning management system (LMS) tools used by more than 5,000 companies to educate professionals from a variety of industries. Featuring interactive training modules, helpful video content, and value-added resources with quizzes and assessments to cement new learning, the platform also offers technicians an opportunity to earn continuing education (CE) credits for select coursework.

The distributor module helps wholesalers and distributors better understand what field professionals are looking for out of their tools and offers insight to help a more knowledgeable sales staff better match customers with the right tools for the job.

Fieldpiece University’s field technician module offers training on specific products, techniques and applications, as well as myriad ways to extend HVACR industry knowledge and insight to stay ahead of the curve. CE credit offerings ensure field pros stay current with new technology, laws and regulations.

Fieldpiece University can be accessed at home on a desktop or while on break from work via a mobile device, making the program convenient anytime, anywhere. The platform offers a wide range of learning modules today, with new content expected to be added monthly to respond to industry demands and help keep industry professionals at the top of their game long-term. In-person trainings are also available via special request.

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